Anemone Delight Bouquet - Captivating Beauty for Your Special Moments

Choose the perfect bouquet - anemone flowers

Are you looking for elegant and graceful flowers for a special occasion? You want to order an impressive bouquet for a birthday, anniversary, graduation, wedding, housewarming gift or simply as a form of saying Thank you? You can choose one of anemone flower bouquets available at Flowers Box London. The word anemōnē itself means 'daughter of the wind' and that is why these flowers are also commonly known as Wind Flowers. Usually they can be purchased in their season, which is between November and June. It is worth mentioning that anemone flowers are accessible in various colours such as purple, scarlet, crimson, pink, blue and white however one of the most popular ones is the red anemone bouquet, which can also be enriched with roses, gerberas, tulips or other types of flowers.


Please remember that the season for anemones is from October - March. In the off-season there is another variety that will be slightly different from the anemones in the pictures. 

Order anemone bouquet for a special event

Of course anemone bouquets are not the only floral compositions you will find in our online store. Talented florist from Flowers Box London can also create gorgeous arrangements from numerous types of flowers such as vivid sunflowers, full of fragrance peonies, colourful roses, delicate orchids, elegant tulips, graceful amaryllis and many others. See the rest of our offer and choose the perfect bouquet or arrangement in the box. Anemone bouquet delivery will take only one or two working days nationwide, so you won't have to worry about the ordered floral composition not arriving on time.

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