Flower Box Heart

Select romantic heart shaped flower box for your loved one

For centuries the heart is perceived as a great symbol of romance and love. That is exactly why heart shaped flower box will be a perfect gift idea for a special occasion for your beloved one. You can surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day, your Anniversary or even during an engagement. Of course, we have prepared various flower compositions, so you can choose the one your significant other will love. In our offer, you will find numerous types of flowers, such as traditional roses, gorgeous tulips, gorgeous peonies, vibrant sunflowers, lovely lisianthus, fragrant freesias and many others. It is worth mentioning that to all our flower boxes we can add other elements such as fluffy cute toy, delicious strawberries, chocolates or a celebration balloon. It is really easy to create something special for your other half!

Lovely heart box roses

Flower boxes are something much more original and special than just a normal bouquet. The box itself will serve as a memorable souvenir of the present even after the flowers are gone. Of course, our heart boxes are available in many different shapes, colours and sizes so it will be very easy to choose something you adore. Remember that we can also create bespoke heart flower box arrangements. In order to do that, all you need to do is to contact us directly and tell us about your dream design. We will take care of the rest and prepare the flower box of your dreams!

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More original then normal bouquet, more passionate then any words.
For bespoke flower arrangements contact us via email - info@flowersbox.co.uk

*Boxes available in different shapes, colours and sizes.
**On occasion, specific flowers may be unavailable due to seasonal variation. We will replace them with a suitable alternative.