Enchanting Christmas Arrangements - Embrace the Magic of the Season

When Christmas is getting closer, we all think about tasty food, gifts for loved ones, and also about Christmas decorations. For these few weeks, the interiors of our houses look truly festally. Very often we bring flowers to our homes, though usually completely different than the ones we buy every day. We are inspired by this special time of the year, too. In our studio, we create unusual Christmas arrangements, which are perfect both as a gift for our loved ones and for decorating our apartment, so we can use them in both ways. They strengthen the Christmas atmosphere with their colours and patterns and, of course, the species of flowers we choose.

Floral Christmas arrangements for every Christmas table

On Christmas Eve, the table is the main point of the event. People gather around it, stay close to each other and celebrate together, enjoying the time spent with each other. There are not only special treats but also unique decorations on the Christmas Eve's table. The most common ones include candles and Christmas flowers arrangements. We have prepared several variants of such bouquets in glass and ceramic vessels. You don't need extra vases to put them on your table. It is a ready-made decoration that can immediately find its right place.

Christmas plant arrangements in red and green

Red and green dominate our Christmas offer. These are the colours that we strongly associate with Christmas time, so they had to find their place here as well. We make Christmas arrangements using many different species of flowers, including amaryllises and poinsettias among others. We decorate them with greenery that contrasts beautifully with the strong red of the flowers. We have also more unusual solutions, also consisting of succulents that will last much longer than just a few weeks and will help us feel the festive atmosphere much longer.

Look out for our sparkling new Christmas plant arrangements collection, featuring all your favourite stems of the season. There’s no need to get your tinsel in a tangle over Christmas decorating; we've got you covered! Choosing one of these popular blooms is sure to get you and everyone else that sees the flowers in the holiday spirit!

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