Stylish Flower Vases - Elevate Your Floral Displays

A vase and flowers are inseparable, they simply have to go together. They complement each other and also need each other. Cut flowers must always be placed in a vessel full of water; on the other hand, a vase without any floral filling looks empty, you can see that something is missing here. We offer flower vases in many different versions: both classic and modern. Some are minimalist and simple; some are rather unusual and decorative. Every vase should match the general look of the house design, as they should emphasize its style, decorations, and colours.

A classic flower vase

What makes a vase look classic? First of all, streamlined shapes we all know well; also, the material seems to be an obvious choice in this particular case, as classic flower vases are mostly ceramic. They come in subdued colours, such as beige, different shades of grey and navy blue, and they're often finished off with shiny gold or silver elements. Some flowers with vases on which a still life or a landscape is painted; these are real works of art.

A modern flower vase

Flowers in a vase are very common in contemporary interiors. Where minimalism, simplicity and a slightly sterile decor prevail, transparent vases appear, sometimes smooth, sometimes with a decorative structure. Also colourful glass is getting more and more popular; you can often see purple, green or blue vases as well. Flowers in a vase that is white or black and has a geometric shape are also very popular.

Vases, Glass Flower Vases, Decorative Vases & Bowls

Accentuate a bedside table or a mantle piece with beautiful vases. Whether it's a tall vase for a corner or a set for the kitchen counter, our wide collection will have you spoilt for choice. With bold colours in ceramic to subtle shades in glass and metal, the large and small styles will refresh your room. 

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