Pumpkin Arrangements

Celebrate the scariest time of year with our boo-tiful and unique Halloween pumpkin flower arrangements!

Flowers in pumpkin

Overflowing with orange these spooky shapes will treat and delight your creative side.

Every year, exactly on the night of October 31 to November 1, an unusual holiday is held, but it has a long tradition in the United States. Europeans have also loved the way it is celebrated and we are more and more willing to get involved in preparing ourselves and our homes for Halloween. One of its symbols is the pumpkin, which chefs and good taste lovers use in the kitchen to make a warming soup, and those who love plants can have it in an unusual composition at home. We have prepared for you and all Halloween fans Halloween pumpkin arrangements, in which we have placed flowers in colours referring to this special holiday. It's very orange and not necessarily spooky, but classy, fun and certainly with a big portion of positive energy.

Halloween flowers in juicy orange

In these Halloween pumpkin arrangements, orange is definitely dominant. It is a very expressive colour, strongly saturated, bold and more often treated as an accessory than as the dominant colour in interiors. Pumpkin flowers include sunflowers, roses, craspedia, pyrethrum and Peruvian lily. All flowers in shades of orange, yellow and red are placed in a sunny pumpkin and decorated with green accessories. They look very autumnal, so they fit into the October-November scenery. Halloween flower arrangements decorate houses and tables beautifully, giving them a festive character and introducing a Halloween atmosphere to your interior. Flowers in pumpkin is also an original gift idea for a loved one who you want to surprise with an interesting gift for an American holiday or just to make her smile. After such a dose of oranges she will surely smile.

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Harvest Charm Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
Harvest Charm Pumpkin
Regular price £ 86.95 GBP
Beautiful Pink Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
Beautiful Pink Pumpkin
Regular price £ 93.95 GBP
Pretty Pumpkin Petals - Pumpkin Arrangements
Pretty Pumpkin Petals
Regular price £ 67.95 GBP
Purple Pumpkin with Plum - Pumpkin Arrangements
Purple Pumpkin with Plum
Regular price £ 128.95 GBP
White Pretty Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
White Pretty Pumpkin
Regular price £ 97.95 GBP
Flowers Pumpkin Hat - Pumpkin Arrangements
Flowers Pumpkin Hat
Regular price £ 69.95 GBP
Trick & Treat Pumpkin Arrangement - Pumpkin Arrangements
Trick & Treat Pumpkin Arrangement
Regular price £ 71.95 GBP
White in Rose Gold Arrangement - Pumpkin Arrangements
White in Rose Gold Arrangement
Regular price £ 98.95 GBP
Halloween Magic Pumpkin Bouquet - Pumpkin Arrangements
Halloween Magic Pumpkin Bouquet
Regular price £ 65.95 GBP
Pink Dream Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
Pink Dream Pumpkin
Regular price £ 118.95 GBP
Sunrise Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
Sunrise Pumpkin
Regular price £ 102.95 GBP
Vintage Purple Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
Vintage Purple Pumpkin
Regular price £ 128.95 GBP
Frightfully Fun Halloween - Pumpkin Arrangements
Frightfully Fun Halloween
Regular price £ 69.95 GBP
For Fun Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
For Fun Pumpkin
Regular price £ 71.95 GBP
Real Black Flower Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
Real Black Flower Pumpkin
Regular price £ 109.95 GBP
Colorful Pumpkin - Pumpkin Arrangements
Colorful Pumpkin
Regular price £ 98.95 GBP
Green Pumpkin with Berry - Pumpkin Arrangements
Green Pumpkin with Berry
Regular price £ 47.95 GBP
Pumpkin and Hearts - Pumpkin Arrangements
Pumpkin and Hearts
Regular price £ 69.95 GBP
Black Pumpkin with Gold - Pumpkin Arrangements
Black Pumpkin with Gold
Regular price £ 47.95 GBP