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Enhance Your Wedding Day with Exquisite Buttonholes | Flowers Box London

Complete your wedding ensemble with the perfect finishing touch - our beautiful buttonholes. Our collection offers a variety of buttonhole compositions that cater to all tastes, including the most discerning ones.

Handcrafted by our experienced florists, each buttonhole features fresh flowers and carefully chosen accessories. Flowers Box London takes pride in creating stunning arrangements, including the London wedding bouquet and the London buttonhole.

If you're in search of your dream buttonhole or wish to order one with delivery, don't hesitate to contact us. Make your wedding day even more special with Flowers Box London's exquisite buttonholes.

Discover beautiful plants for winter - colour and fragrance in your home

Winter - with its low temperatures and reduced daylight - is not known for providing the optimal conditions for plants. But that doesn't mean that winter plants don't exist! Quite the opposite. There are various types of flowers, which have the time of their lives during colder months. Of course, you will find them in the assortment of Flower Box London. Which ones are the most popular? Not many people realize it, but Orchids can grow wonderfully during winter. They're beautifully elegant and come in several stunning colours, such as white, pink, violet, purple, or even blue. It's no surprise that thanks to their unique appearance and vibrant colours, they became one of the most appreciated plants for winter.

Best winter plants - UK

If you're looking for some other gorgeous winter plants for pots, you can reach for Kalandiva as well. It has plenty of small blooming flowers, and the period of their blossoming can last even up to six months. Kalandiva comes in a range of beautiful colours, such as red, pink, orange, white and yellow, so it will be a perfect winter plant if you want to add a pop of colour to your interiors. It will be a stellar choice for a gift for a loved one too. Are you looking for some other flowers and plants? Great! At Flower Box London, you will find an extensive collection of various blooms that will bring beauty into your life.

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