Elegant Funeral Flower Sprays - Paying Tribute with Grace

The flowers have always accompanied these last visits and goodbyes to our loved ones. Funeral sprays help to express the sadness, grief and despair that are associated with the passing away of those we love, we have a great fondness for those who were important to us and whom we will certainly miss. Funeral spray flowers are also a beautiful gift, giving the funeral ceremony a more lofty character. This is our last gift for someone who is just passing away.

Funeral sprays - a beautiful way to say goodbye to your loved ones

Funeral spray flowers bouquets are unique items in our offer. They are created in a slightly different atmosphere than all other floral compositions. We are aware that these are the last flowers that your relatives receive from you. We make every effort to ensure that all funeral sprays are perfectly composed, the flowers match each other in color, and the whole thing lasts and looks good for long days regardless of the conditions outside. Funeral flower coffin sprays are large in size. The composition is mounted on a solid frame, which allows to keep the whole always in place. Among the flowers dominate gerbera, gladiolus, rose, eustoma and obviously chrysanthemum. The whole is decorated with greenery.

How to order funeral casket sprays from flowers to coffins from UK?

Several different funeral casket sprays are available on the website. Choose the composition you are interested in and the size of it. Then decide on the date and place of delivery. Funeral sprays can be delivered the next day. It happens that due to seasonality some flowers are more difficult to access. In such cases we replace them with another, similar species. We also carry out individual orders. If you have your concept of a floral composition, tell us about it and together we will agree the conditions of its execution.

Our full collection of funeral tributes. A wide range of flowers suitable to express your deepest sympathy and to suit your specific requirements.

Stunning, heartfelt tributes expertly created and sensitively handled by Flowers Box London.

Sometimes it's easier to express your grievance with a gift rather than words.

*Most funeral tributes need 2 days’ notice prior delivery. Arrangements due to availability of steams may vary from those shown in the picture. In the event that a substitute is necessary through flower supply difficulties, we may substitute with flowers of similar or superior style, quality and value. Sundry items may differ from those shown in the pictures.

For bespoke arrangements contact us via email - info@flowersbox.co.uk

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