Elegant Hydrangea Bouquet


Hortensia, known also as hydrangea, has its roots in the Land of the Rising Sun, but today it's famous all over the world. Hydrangea flowers, especially the purple ones, delight with the delicacy and nobility of its petals. They come in various hues that make a hydrangea bouquet always stand out from other flower arrangements. It can be made of flowers in one colour - a minimalist composition for those women who love simple and natural decorations, and in various colours, intense or pastel ones.

What's the meaning of hydrangea flowers?

Each plant has a secret, a symbolism related to its past, its origin and ancient beliefs. Hydrangea flowers express gratitude and honesty, so it's worth choosing a hydrangea bouquet if you want to thank someone for their efforts, help or just for them being around. You can give it to a friend or any other important person close to you because it's a flower that symbolizes a very good mutual understanding between people. In addition, hydrangeas kept at home are supposed to bring abundance and wealth to those who live there. Not everyone knows that hydrangea flowers are associated with the 4th anniversaries - of a wedding, first meeting or engagement.

Colours of hydrangea

An individual colours have different meanings. For example, a white hydrangea bouquet refers to purity and innocence, but it can also symbolize wealth. Meanwhile, pink hydrangeas show love, positive emotions and symbolize marriage. There are flowers in purple colour, whose meaning is mutual understanding, and blue, which symbolize asking for forgiveness.

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