Flowers and balloons

The best birthday presents are those least expected by the recipient. If you want to make a special surprise for someone, you can do it with us. We have unique sets consisting of flowers and balloons delivered in London, which will make an amazing impression on everyone. What are the advantages of such gifts?

The element of surprise

Flowers and balloons, which will be delivered at the door of the recipient is a great idea for an unexpected gift. This set will be perfect as a birthday gift, for a wedding anniversary, as well as on all other occasions. Its great advantage is undoubtedly the fact that it is very versatile and basically everyone can get it - regardless of their gender and age.

Huge selection of flowers and balloons

Birthday flowers and balloons as well as those intended for other occasions are very popular mainly due to the variety of choice in our range. You can choose ordinary balloons with delivery, which are in different shapes, and you can also choose special number balloons with delivery, which will perfectly highlight the age of the birthday boy.

Why us?

The products offered by us are extremely high quality, thanks to which they will enjoy the recipient for a long time. A great advantage is also the size of our balloons, which are quite impressive, so you can see them from a distance. No one will pass by such balloons indifferently, and beautiful flowers will also attract the eye. Check for yourself what we have to offer.

Balloons for all occasion now available in our online store.

Whatever you're celebrating, we've got the balloons you need to make it a real party! 

Party helium balloons delivery available 7 days a week. We will be happy to help with your party!

Birthday parties, retirements, engagements, new homes and more; no matter the size, shape or style you are after, we have balloon designs to suit every occasion here at Flowers Box London.


* We only deliver number balloons in 
London or within 15 miles of London.
34in Number 0 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 0 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP
34in Number 1 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 1 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP
Birthday Balloon Set (13 pieces) - Balloons
Birthday Balloon Set (13 pieces)
Regular price £ 39.95 GBP
34in Number 2 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 2 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP
34in Number 3 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 3 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP
34in Number 4 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 4 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP
34in Number 5 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 5 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP
18in Heart Foil Balloon - Mother's Day Balloons
18in Heart Foil Balloon
Regular price £ 9.95 GBP
34in Number 6 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 6 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP
Heart Balloon I Love You (18 inch) - Balloons
Heart Balloon I Love You (18 inch)
Regular price £ 11.95 GBP
34in Number 7 Balloon - Balloons
34in Number 7 Balloon
Regular price £ 14.95 GBP