Hyacinth Bouquet - Fragrant Spring Blooms

Heavenly Hyacinth Bouquet - Fragrant Spring Blooms

Original gift - hyacinth flowers

Hyacinth is a flower that comes from Asia Minor, where it occurs and grows in nature. However, they charmed the whole world and gained popularity in Rome and Greece in ancient times. They were extremely expensive in Europe in the 17th century, when they first appeared here. Hyacinth is a plant that occurs in many species and varieties. A bouquet of hyacinths is certainly an original gift, surprising and astonishing. It can be combined with roses and carnations to create a bouquet.

Grief, sadness, but a clean conscience... and hyacinths. Symbolism of bouquets

Hyacinth is known not only for its charm but also for its very diverse symbolism. A bouquet of hyacinths can express both sadness and persistence of feelings. The color of the flowers we choose is very important. A bouquet of white hyacinth flowers will express disinterested affection, with no hidden subtexts - it's just pure, pleasant feeling. Pink color means devotion, while violet is an invitation to tenderness and clearer feelings. There are also yellow hyacinths - these flowers have a very positive nature because they can help you say: "I am happy with you", "I am happy with our love". When you give blue hyacinths to your other half, you will show her the stability of your love.

Hyacinths in bouquets can be combined with other flowers, including roses, tulips, and ranunculus. They complement each other in terms of color, creating either one-color compositions or multi-colored bouquets of contrasting shades. We can add greenery which emphasizes the natural character of the flowers. However, you can choose a bouquet that is made purely of hyacinths - they look especially beautiful in purple color.

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