Enchanting Flowers in a Basket

Flowers can be put in a pot, vase or even in a decorative box. This time we present floral arrangements that refer to the rustic, idyllic style; they will surely appeal to people who like nature. These are flowers in a basket - they make an unusual floral decoration that can be used to adorn our home, or even a garden, terrace or balcony. They will be a great gift for a sensible person who loves summer and carefree holidays in the bosom of nature. Flowers in a basket, due to their relatively large size and sophisticated character, will also work very well as a gift for the teacher or the bride and groom.

Basket flowers in a rustic style

The boho style has been very fashionable for a long time now; it found its way to our homes, fashion stylizations and wedding decorations or decorations of places prepared for other special occasions. We tend to like the idyllic atmosphere it offers, it helps us get closer to nature and let it into our everyday lives. Flowers in a basket fit perfectly into this world filled with nature. The baskets are beautifully woven, made of wicker, in classic shapes and also more sophisticated ones - timeless composition and also modern ones to choose from. The basket flowers have different sizes, which is mainly determined by the number of flowers used in the composition.

What flowers in basket?

Are you wondering which flowers will look the best as our "flowers in a basket"? We go for diversity here, although we are strong fans of combining a wicker basket with wild flowers. We make compositions of sunflowers, gerberas, lilies, roses, hypericum, succulents, grasses, lavender... and many other flower and plant species.

This gift is perfect to treat for someone with something she will love!

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