Surprise Flowers: Delight Your Loved Ones with Unexpected Joy


A floral surprise that brings joy and smile on the face of your loved ones... Flowers have exceptional, "magical" power. They're perfect gifts, both for special occasions and just without occasion. They can express specific emotions and feelings, but we can also treat them as a universal and casual gift. It all depends on the species you select for the composition. Our surprise flowers were created with special attention to unique combinations of colours and shapes. In many cases, we showed great courage, combining subtlety with intensity and uniqueness with a timeless classic. Our flowers for surprise are supposed to... surprise, but we also want to charm you with their beauty.

A bouquet for surprise – rich in natural colours

Every bouquet for surprise that we create is unique because of its vivid colours and natural beauty of flowers. With these compositions, we wanted to express our love for flowers and thus enable you to make your beloved ones happy. The colourful classic - a bouquet of gerberas in several colours - is particularly noteworthy. There are also other bouquets, for example, the one in typical summer colours, with yellow sunflowers, orange roses, and gentle purple eryngo. There are also other compositions made of roses in one or several colours. Our surprise flowers are also available in orange and pink, which is not a standard combination of colours in floral compositions at all. We yielded to temptations that made us to combine gerbera with eucalyptus, and rose with chrysanthemum.

Surprise flower delivery – with the effect of surprise

You just order the flowers and we deliver them to the place of your choice; at the right time you specify. Surprise flowers will work great when you want to thank someone, appreciate their efforts, but also greet someone after they return home from a long journey. They will also help you express your feelings - let the flowers tell your loved ones how much you like, love and respect them.

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