Peony Bouquet

We're proud to present you the perfect peony bouquets. Freshly cut flowers from fields of the world's best peony growers and delivered just at the right time. Enjoy the beauty of perfection! Peonies are named after the Greek god of medicine and healing 'Paeon' and have also been the state flower of Indiana since 1957.

Colorful peony bouquet - London area

Peonies are one of the most beloved flowers in the world as well as in our online store, we are very proud to be able to supply beautiful peonies all year round and our clients very often choose multiple variations of the peony bouquets. Most customers perceive them as one type of flower but actually there are about 33 known species of peonies in the world. They grow not only in Europe but also in Asia New Zealand and South America. In Chinese culture particular peony flower are so popular that it became their national symbol, right next to the plum blossoms. Peonies have large and very fragrant flowers and can be found in different colours – pink, coral, cerise, red, burgundy, white, yellow or even purple. Unfortunately peonies grown in Europe have quite a short season which lasts from April to July and their blooming usually can take from 7 to 10 days. The best quality varieties are grown under glass in Holland. Out of season we source peonies from Israel, New Zealand and South America.

Select fragrant and colorful peonies for any occasion

Flowers Box London talented florist prepared numerous beautiful arrangements that can be gifted for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations or as a form of congratulations. It’s a flower that works really well with roses too. Of course, we should mention that white peonies bouquet is one of the most popular and elegant arrangements chosen for weddings. White peonies can be used in the bride’s bouquet as well as in the floral decorations in the church and at the wedding reception. Such compositions can serve as a symbol of a happy marriage.

White, pink and red peonies bouquets

Flowers Box London delivers premium peonies, perfect for every occasion. Freshly cut by our expert growers, for peony fans all over the world. Discover the most beautiful varieties and get inspired by spectacular colors, shapes and styles. When Peonies are out of season we suggest using Fragrant Rose by David Austin.

We deliver peony bouquet in London. See also our hat boxes.

Palette of Peonies - Wedding Flowers
Palette of Peonies
From £ 58.95 GBP
The Secret Garden - Wedding Flowers
The Secret Garden
From £ 88.95 GBP
Pink Peonies Bouquet - Wedding Flowers
Pink Peonies Bouquet
From £ 57.95 GBP
Luxury Pastel Bouquet - Wedding Flowers
Luxury Pastel Bouquet
From £ 78.95 GBP
Fabulous Peach Bouquet - Thank You Flowers
Fabulous Peach Bouquet
From £ 109.95 GBP
Nymph - Wedding Flowers
From £ 102.95 GBP
Pink Peony & Hydrangea - Thank You Flowers
Pink Peony & Hydrangea
From £ 106.95 GBP
White Alabaster Bouquet - Wedding Flowers
White Alabaster Bouquet
From £ 127.95 GBP
English Garden - Wedding Flowers
English Garden
From £ 92.95 GBP
Vintage Pastel - Wedding Flowers
Vintage Pastel
From £ 114.95 GBP
Cymophane - Ranunculus Bouquet
From £ 77.95 GBP
Garden Romance Bouquet - Thank You Flowers
Garden Romance Bouquet
From £ 92.95 GBP
Pink Sunrise - Wedding Flowers
Pink Sunrise
From £ 111.95 GBP
Ocean Song Bouquet - Wedding Flowers
Ocean Song Bouquet
From £ 98.95 GBP