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Is it your best friend's birthday? Your anniversary is just around the corner? Or maybe you just want to surprise your significant other with an impressive gift? There may be numerous special occasions that require you to buy a present. Of course, you can choose a traditional bouquet of flowers but we advise to pick something way more original - a flower hat box with speedy delivery nationwide will be perfect idea. In our online shop, we offer a wide range of freshly cut flowers that can be selected in the arrangements. You can choose from roses, orchids, tulips, peonies, gerberas, freesias, hyacinths, hydrangeas, sunflowers, chrysanthemums, calla lilies, anemones and many others. Even after the flowers are gone, the elegant box will serve as a reminder of your gift.


Scented flowers - hat boxes

If you’re looking for something extra special, you can always order a bespoke hatbox flowers. Our experienced florists will follow your design and create an arrangement of your dreams. Contact us and tell all about your perfect floral composition! Flower hat boxes are one of the most popular items in our shop but it is worth remembering that you can also order floral arrangements in different box shapes, such as heart or rectangle. You can be sure that the chosen composition will arrive on time to its recipient - our flower boxes can be delivered same day in London, we guarantee next day nationwide delivery using our premium shipping option or you can simply use our free standard one to three working days delivery option.

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More original then normal bouquet, more passionate then any words.
For bespoke flower arrangements contact us via email - info@flowersbox.co.uk

 *Boxes available in different shapes, colours and sizes.
**On occasion, specific flowers may be unavailable due to seasonal variation. We will replace them with a suitable alternative.

Pink Clouds Hat Box - New In
Pink Clouds Box
From £ 109.95 GBP
Queens Hat Box - New In
Queens Peonies Box
From £ 101.95 GBP
Sunbeams Hat Box - New In
Sunbeams Box
From £ 88.95 GBP
Ivory Perls Hat Box - New In
Ivory Perls Box
From £ 57.95 GBP
Flowers Garden Hat Box - New In
Flowers Garden Box
From £ 109.95 GBP
Pink Blooming Hat Box - New In
Pink Blooming Box
From £ 109.95 GBP
Pretty Pastel Box - New In
Pretty Pastel Box
From £ 105.95 GBP
Pink Splendid Hat Box - New In
Pink Splendid Box
From £ 90.95 GBP
Sweet Melody Hat Box - New In
Sweet Melody Box
From £ 66.95 GBP
Pale Pink Tulips Hat Box - New In
Pale Pink Tulips Box
From £ 35.95 GBP
Vibrant Garden Hat Box - New In
Vibrant Garden Box
From £ 81.95 GBP
Sunflowers Hat Box - New In
Sunflowers in a Box
From £ 48.95 GBP
Colourful Luxury Box - New In
Colourful Luxury Box
From £ 89.95 GBP
Dark Box of Sweet Pea - New In
Dark Box of Sweet Pea
From £ 62.95 GBP