Bespoke Initial and Numbers Flower Box

*Select the flower initial you want us to feature on your box. Once you've chosen your box, proceed to the shopping cart, where you can specify the desired initial, such as A, B, E, 1, 5, etc. Let us personalize your arrangement to make it truly special and unique for you or your loved ones.

Flowers Box London

Personalized gifts are always the most enjoyed one. People see them as something unique, created especially for a specific person, who can feel important and distinguished. Our initial flower box, which you will create for a loved one with us, is definitely one of such gifts. It is a decorative box filled with FRESH flowers, with a special dedication and the initials of the person who will receive this floral gift. The offer includes bouquets with flower initials in various options. We focused on FRESH roses - flowers of love and adored by literally all women. A flower letter box can be made of roses in different colors. Remember that in the world of flowers the colors have a symbolic meaning.

Design a flower box with a letter

Each flower letter box is tailored to individual needs. Choose the variant that you like the most, which best suits your chosen one. Boxes differ in size, the color of the box, flower arrangement and number of roses - you can decide how many roses will be in it and choose their color. A box with FRESH flowers with initials is a unique, personalized composition. You choose the color of the letters and the background. We will compose the first letter of her name using roses - a unique gift for the person who is important to you. It will be an amazingly beautiful, touching gift.

FRESH Flower box with a letter - the most beautiful color combinations

Contrasting colors are the best choice here, because they make the letter composed of roses more visible. That's why, when designing your unique flower box with an initial, we recommend choosing flowers in red and gold, white and pink, red and black, as well as navy blue and gold. Check out our suggestions and give your loved one a personalized floral gift.

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