Christmas Wreaths

Festive Christmas Wreaths - Welcoming Joy into Your Home

Christmas is filled with tradition. It is also an exceptional time, which we associate only with positive experiences and emotions. At the beginning of December, Christmas decorations appear in our homes, through which we want to arrange this magical atmosphere in our homes and feel this amazing feeling even stronger. One of such decorations is a Christmas wreath. The tradition behind it is to hang it on the front door to the house, although the ways of using it have changed over time. It appears not only on the door but also as a wall decoration. You can decorate large mirrors in the hallway with it, as well as hang it in a visible place in the living room, e.g. over a table, which on Christmas Eve is covered with white tablecloth and delicacies. The tradition of the Fresh Christmas wreath has its origins in Germany. In the Anglo-Saxon tradition there were two wreaths at home, one Christmas wreath for the door, the other with candles was a table decoration.

Christmas wreath made of live and synthetic flowers and decorations

The Christmas wreath is made of various elements. Usually it is a composition of green twigs, on which other elements are placed. These may be live plants, but also decorations that we associate with Christmas. Often these are different color baubles, cones, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks giving a beautiful smell to the composition, as well as ribbons. Christmas floral wreaths are produced with the addition of lilies and roses. An interesting proposition is a wreath from a rattan circle.

Handmade UK Christmas wreaths

We put our whole heart into each Christmas wreath. We want them to please the eye, to be a beautiful decoration of doors and house interiors. Let the real Christmas magic happen in your home!

Traditional ornament used to decorate our homes in this festive Holiday season.  Can be made from verity of materials like flowers, leaves, fruits... however, the most popular ones are made from evergreens. The circle shape symbolizes eternity - no beginning, no end.

All our Christmas Wreath Collection arrangements are composed by our skilled florists and are available for delivery nationwide. You can choose from classic evergreen arrangements with red accent, fragrant arrangements decorated with aromatic natural materials like cinnamon, pine combs and dry oranges or more modern with bulbs and some sparkly finish.

Christmas Wreath are great idea for indoor or outdoor space and perfect decoration to highlight and bring Christmas Holiday season to our homes.

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