Charming Spray Roses Bouquet - Delicate Blooms for Elegant Delight

Bouquets of charming spray roses

Roses come in different varieties. They have different colours, but also shapes and sizes. However, we all associate them with love and affection, despite the fact that their symbolism depends primarily on... their colour. One of the most unique kinds of roses are spray roses. Their charming because of their small size and shape - there can be several flowers growing from one stem that look beautiful in compositions using only roses, but also in richer floral compositions. Miniature spray flowers are often used for wedding bouquets and coronets. Their small size makes the bouquets look very subtle and delicate.

Spray roses in our floral compositions

Spray roses usually consist of one long stem with several smaller and thinner ones, each of them ended with a flower. We use them to make both minimalist bouquets and more effective, larger floral compositions. They come in many colours, just like any other type of roses: white spray roses look great when combined with purple flowers, while the pastel ones are great for romantic compositions. A bouquet combining different shades of pink is also an interesting option, and so are yellow roses combined with some greenery. Of course, there are also classic red spray roses, whose charm is emphasized when you combine them with green and white colours.

Such a spray bouquet is a great choice for a wedding bouquet, as well as a gift for the bride and groom. You can give it to you other half on her birthday or on Valentine's Day, choose it for you mum for Mother's Day, or give it to your daughter who just enrolled at her dream university. Charming spray flowers are always a perfect choice, regardless of the situation and circumstances.

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