Engagement Flowers - Celebrate Your Love with Stunning Floral Arrangements


It must be a bouquet that will impress your chosen one like no other. Engagement is a special event in two people' lives. It's the first so serious declaration about wanting to spend the rest of your life together. The symbol of the engagement is of course the ring, but it is not the only one that appears in a man's hand. Gentlemen very often also choose engagement flowers. Every woman loves flowers, especially to receive them, so they will certainly be a beautiful accessory. Engagement flower arrangements are various, from classics, through interesting colour combinations, to remarkable works of art, which are admired by women whose temperament is very strong.

Which engagement flowers to choose?

A lot depends on the preferences of your chosen one. Women like different flowers, after all there are thousands of species, each of which deserves attention and can delight your beloved one. However, if you are not sure which flowers your other half likes the most, an engagement flower bouquet made of red roses will be your best choice. They are a symbol of passionate love and say "I love you" in a beautiful way. This is a timeless and proven classic, but we can also add other flower species, such as white orchid or pink hydrangea.

But there are women who are in love with lilies, gerberas, eustoma and Persian buttercups. At our florist's shop we create engagement flower arrangements from many kinds of flowers. We combine them into subtle, delicate bouquets and create designs in contrasting and original colours.

How many roses in a bouquet?

Do you know that quantity also matters? What does the amount of engagement flowers in a bouquet mean?

9 flowers mean "With you forever", 12 mean "Be mine" 21 mean "I am devoted to you". 99 roses are "I will love you after the end of my days", 100 are "A beautiful relationship until the autumn of life" and finally 108 flowers in a bouquet stand for "Marry me".

Our engagement flowers are available for next day delivery for orders placed before 11pm. Many of our bouquets also come with free chocolates, the perfect final touch to your gift. There is also an option to add a balloon, wine, vase or bear to your bouquet to complete the engagement gift.

Choose your engagement flowers from the UK! Good luck!

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