Exquisite Orchid Bouquet

Bouquet of orchids as a symbol of love

An orchid is a flower with similar meaning to a rose - it symbolizes love. A bouquet of orchids will be a great choice if you need a gift to your other half; it will please her and it will express your feelings to her. It will work great if you want to show that you remember about her birthday, anniversary or Valentine's Day. The orchid has a long tradition, it was cultivated even in ancient times, with first of these flowers appearing in China. Confucius gave orchids their extraordinary symbolism that has survived to this day: he saw orchids as a sign of perfection, modesty, purity, and grace. It is hard to deny their charming, natural beauty, regardless of their colors (and the range of shades is really wide!). Bouquets of orchids are amazing because of their elegance and style, especially when the flowers are large and come in intense colors, for example purple or burgundy.

Orchids for a very special woman

Confucius must have been right, as his interpretation of the beauty of orchids has survived to modern times. Orchids symbolize not only love and charm, but also thoughtfulness, fertility, perfection and elegance. The color of the flowers determines how we should read the intentions of the person who gave them to us. Red means undoubtedly passionate love, so the orchid in this color should be reserved for your other half. White indicates beauty and innocence, so white orchids make a wonderful gift for the future mother or someone close to the family. Orange shows pride, but also enthusiasm, while yellow means optimism and joy, so it is definitely worth taking such a yellow bouquet for a meeting with a friend or housewarming. Purple orchids symbolize admiration and awe, so it may be a great choice of a gift for special occasions, including performances. Orchid wedding bouquets usually are made of pink flowers, thus emphasizing the femininity and charm of the bride.

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