Eternal Flowers Collection - Long Lasting Floral Arrangements

Flowers that last for at least 2 weeks

Flowers are beautiful but often ephemeral. We enjoy the colourful bouquet for only a few short days, sometimes just a few hours. And yet everyone would like the flowers they get to last for at least 2 weeks, to decorate the living room or a kitchen table, or simply to remind of wonderful moments when you see them in the morning on the windowsill of your bedroom. That's why we created bouquet collection of long lasting flowers. It's a perfect solution for those who want to give their beloved ones a bouquet that is not only pretty but also a durable - it will look beautiful and unchanged for more than 10 days. This means that the long lasting flowers in box that we offer will please the eyes and bring joy for a much longer time than typical, traditional bouquets.

Long lasting flowers in a box – charming compositions

These bouquets are made of many different flower species. For some compositions, we use only one kind of flowers, while others combine different colours and types of plants in a unique way. For those romantic souls who love delicate floral compositions, we recommend a long lasting flower box with white peonies. Peonies are considered divine plants; their extraordinary power was known even in ancient times. They are a symbol of shyness and modesty, but also of luck and prosperity. Another extremely interesting option is a long lasting flower box with burgundy calla lilies - very chic and noble, its deep and intense colours that help to emphasize strong affection. Among the long last flowers we also offer orchids, lilies, roses and other beautiful species.

Our decadent long life flower bouquets are designed to last for more then 7 days. With a long life bouquet, your gesture of goodwill becomes timeless because the flowers will last for such a long time, bringing joy to your recipient day after day after day.

Long life bouquets are the perfect way to avoid the disappointment you have when you buy a bunch of flowers and they die after only a few days. Although here at Flowers Box London that will never happen, as all of our flowers are covered by the 5 day guarantee.