Enchanting Roses Bouquet

Rose big bouquets for special days!

 Can you imagine flowers more romantic and better to show your feelings than roses? This unique species of plants comes in different colors. The one chosen most often and being a symbol of love is red. Red roses bouquet it’s seen as a beautiful proof of love and a gesture that means more than a thousand words, it will definitely delight every woman.

A big bouquet of roses – which color should you choose?

You can give red roses to your "other half" to express your feelings and to say "I love you" in an honest, beautiful way, different than every day. Therefore, a bouquet of red roses will be a great choice for Valentine's Day, birthday, anniversary or even a surprise gift without any particular occasion. The red color is a symbol of love, desire and honesty, Red roses say "I love you".

White roses say something else, namely: "I miss you", "I want to make peace with you". White means innocence, lightness and fragility. In flower language, it means purity and spiritual love. By choosing roses of this color, we can express respect for the other person. A bouquet of pink roses is like a "thank you" - for mutual love, for care, for upbringing. It will be a perfect gift for both your love and your mother. The darker the shade of pink, the greater the acknowledgment of thanks, while lighter and more pastel shades can also express the delight with feminine beauty.

Orange roses are a perfect choice for men who want to inform a woman that they expect and want something more from her. Maybe you have just started your relationship and you already know you would not want it to end as a friendship? The bouquet of orange roses is not yet a declaration of love, but an announcement that a feeling greater than friendship is born in you.

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