Comforting Sympathy Flowers - Expressing Condolences and Support


Flowers accompany us on various occasions, not always positive, optimistic and joyful ones. We would like to share our floral compositions with everyone, regardless of what events they will eventually appear on. We offer sympathy flowers arranged in beautiful floral compositions and symbolize the mood and atmosphere of sadness, regret, and care. They make excellent flowers for funeral and symbolize the last farewell. The late person deserves it to be special.

Different shades of funeral flowers

A funeral is a special ceremony - it's our chance to express compassion to the family and loved ones of the deceased, as well as to show respect for them. Bouquets made with sympathy flowers are usually in subdued colours, especially white seems to be universal and noble. This colour symbolizes innocence, cleanliness, and peace, but also a new beginning. That's why white roses, calla lilies or hydrangeas are perfect funeral flowers. In our extensive flower offer, you will also find bouquets with a predominance of purple colour, shades of blue or red. Lastly a burgundy bouquet with the addition of greenery is an excellent choice for such an occasion. In some circumstances, for example, when we attend the funeral of a woman or a young person, we can choose pink or orange bouquets.

Funeral flowers - London and other areas of the UK

We're at your service everywhere in the UK. The sympathy flowers delivery is available throughout the country. We fulfil small and large orders, always delivering bouquets to the place indicated by the client.

Our full collection of funeral tributes. A wide range of flowers suitable to express your deepest sympathy and to suit your specific requirements. Stunning, heartfelt tributes expertly created and sensitively handled by Flowers Box London.

Sometimes it's easier to express your grievance with a gift rather than words.

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