Radiant Tulips Bouquet


They bloom in spring and that's why they are associated with this season of the year. It's in spring when the tulips appear in our houses, decorate our tables and bring freshness to our homes - a joyful awakening after winter. A bouquet of tulips is also a very good way to make another person happy. These flowers are perfectly suitable for any occasion, so we can choose them for a wedding, a birthday, anniversary or maybe as an apology... The bouquet of tulips looks beautiful in one color, decorated only with green leaves, but you can also create unique compositions of tulips by combining different colors and shades of this flowers together as well.

The grace and elegance of the tulip bouquet

They come from the Ottoman Empire, although they are credited with Dutch roots, as they are now grown frequently in the Netherlands. They first appeared in Europe in the 16th century and were immediately met with great admiration. Their Turkish name "tülbent" simply means muslin, which is an extremely delicate and subtle material that was used to form traditional Turkish turbans, also in the shape of tulips.

Tulip bouquets come in different colors, also combining two or even more shades of the flowers. Colors are very important in the world of flowers, each of them symbolizes something completely different. Orange tulips express passion and desire. They also show enthusiasm and satisfaction. A bouquet of white tulips is a request for forgiveness, as white is innocence, showing repentance. Yellow flowers, like the sun, mean joy; yellow tulips often decorate our homes in spring, filling every room with lots of positive energy. They will be a perfect choice for a wedding bouquet of tulips. Tulips can be also pink, which is perfect when you want to show how important a woman is to you. Speaking the language of flowers, they say: "I want to take care of you".

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