Natural Garlands

 Vibrant Fresh Christmas Garlands - Elevate Your Decor with Nature's Beauty

We love to decorate our homes because it helps us to change their character. We add a touch of our own temperament to our houses and apartments, so they are even more… ours. There are many occasions to change the decorations, especially for a new season, birthdays of our relatives, or because of some holidays. Then the experiments begin, and the house takes on a completely different look. Some decorations are partially created by nature itself, for example, our garland flowers made of green twigs. They have an oblong shape and come in various sizes. Sometimes they are also decorated with other unique accessories. You can also decorate the garland yourself according to your preferences.

Where should I put my Christmas fresh garland?

There are several ways to expose a Christmas garland, and even more to come thanks to human creativity. We tend to make more and more bold decisions when it comes to decorating our homes and we are open to new and unusual solutions. A floral garland was originally used to decorate wooden stairs, so it was most often located right at the entrance to the house. In addition, the Christmas garland also appeared on fireplaces, which were decorated in a very rich way in many homes. Today we can find Christmas garlands arranged on windowsills, hung on curtain rails, placed on a chest of drawers, or hung on the door as an alternative to a traditional wreath.

Classic and modern garland flowers

The classics are, of course, green branches that don't need much to look good. Sometimes it's enough to add just a few small cones and silver ribbons. A more modern interpretation of a floral garland combines greenery with leaves of a different colour, ecru ribbons and different kinds of plants.

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Also suitable as a wedding decoration, kitchen decoration, outdoors, indoor, fence, windowshill, entrance, gate door, frame bedroom or stairs decoration.

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