Thoughtful Funeral Flower Sheaves - Honoring Precious Memories

Sadness and grief about the passing of a person close to us is expressed in a different way. This is accompanied by very strong feelings, which are difficult to talk about. The last goodbye is a special moment, which we want to make beautiful and unique in a way. Sheaf flowers are an inseparable element of the funeral ceremony. It is a tradition cherished for centuries, which was already known to our ancestors. Flowers are an important accent of the last goodbye. In this way we want to express our gratitude, sadness and grief, but also our respect for another person close to us.

Hand tied sheaf - precision in every detail

All our funeral shaves from the UK are handmade with high quality flowers and accessories. We strive to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers and in some way facilitate this difficult time for them. We focus on simplicity and elegance. We move in the color palette, in which reds, white, green and violet play a dominant role. These are the colors that we associate with funeral sheaf flowers. Floristic compositions are made of roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, orchids, as well as gladiolus and eustoma. They contain green elements, which make them a coherent and fully harmonious composition.

Funeral sheaf in a small and bigger size

We offer a wide range of funeral sheaf flower bouquet designs, as well as their sizes. You can choose a more modest composition or definitely more impressive and distinctive among smaller compositions. The size of the bouquet determines the number of flowers that are used in the composition, which also affects the final price of the order.

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