Lucky St. Patrick's Day Flowers - Embrace the Green Spirit


Green carnations have been a popular choice for St. Patrick's Day celebrations since around 1900. In Greek mythology, carnations were considered a symbol of Zeus, and the name "carnation" itself has Greek origins, meaning "divine flower." During the Middle Ages, white carnations became a part of weddings, symbolizing fidelity.

Moreover, in 1894, Robert S. Hichens wrote a novel called "The Green Carnation," where the flower symbolized a character who embraced life to the fullest.

Shamrocks, probably the most popular flora representing Ireland, hold significant cultural importance. Legend has it that St. Patrick used its leaves to explain the concept of the Holy Trinity. However, the history of shamrocks goes even further back to the Druids of Ireland, who worshipped it due to its association with the mystical number in Celtic religion.

At Flowers Box London, we cherish the rich rainbow of colors our flowers come in, and green is no exception. We extend warm wishes for a Happy St. Patrick's Day from all of us at Flowers Box London!

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