Enchanting Iris Bouquet - Captivating Beauty in Every Stem

When we think of them, we usually see them in a garden, where they appear in their natural environment every spring when nature comes back to life; but they are also used in floral compositions that you can give to your loved ones to express your feeling in an original way or just to bring them joy. Irises are so original that you will never confuse them with any other flower species, and so is our iris bouquet. These flowers are usually purple and they look great combined with white and green elements. However, they also come in other colours, such as white or blue. We complement our iris bouquets with other species of flowers, such as roses, tulips, lilies, and greenery.

Legendary flowers - iris bouquet

Every flower has a special symbolic meaning, which can be used to express your feelings and emotions. When it comes to irises, to learn more about their history we have to take an inspirational trip to ancient Hellas. The name of this flower comes from the name of Iris - Electra's daughter, one of the seven Pleiades. According to ancient Greeks, Pleaides had wings and were dressed in robes shimmering in all colours of the rainbow. Why was Iris so important? How did she help people? It was believed that Iris was responsible for maintaining the fertility of the soil and for bringing rain from the clouds. This is why iris bouquets make such a special gift - it means that you wish someone all the best. Some people believe that by giving someone an iris bouquet we want to help them find love of their life. In addition, irises symbolize faith and hope.

Iris flowers bouquet – in the colours of the rainbow

Keeping in mind their mythological past, we use irises to create flower bouquets and compositions that are particularly charming because of their colours. Perfectly matched, harmonizing but also contrasting with each other, irises make perfect and original floral decorations. However, we offer them not only in different colours of the rainbow but also as a timeless classic - white iris bouquet or intense violet that can be found only in these flowers, with a touch of green.

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