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It will be a very special day that you will keep in your memory forever! The wedding is extremely important for every woman, but even those people who are very down-to-earth tend to be sentimental on such occasions. Weddings raise a lot of emotions and have their special symbols, including flowers. Floral decorations just have to be present in the church (or any other place where the bride and groom take a marriage vow), in the wedding hall and of course, in the hands of the bride herself. The wedding flowers bouquet often reflects the character and temperament of the bride, but it is also meant to make a coherent whole with other decorations and the general style of the wedding. We offer wedding flowers London, but we deliver them everywhere throughout the UK.

Bridal bouquet – what flowers should you choose?

Wedding flowers bouquet can be made of many different flowers, both more and less popular, depending on the preferences of the bride. However, certain flower species are particularly interesting on such occasions. These include roses of course, which are a timeless classic. A wedding flowers bouquet with roses, alone or combined with other flowers, is both elegant and subtle; it can be made of red flowers, innocent white roses or beautiful fragrant peonies.

Because of their bright colours and intense, expressive aroma that dominates the whole bouquet. Peonies work great alone and as a part of richer compositions. There are also hydrangeas, charming and subtle, usually in burgundy, purple and blue shades.

Wedding bouquet, London – we enjoy being unique

All our wedding bouquets are tailored to the customer's needs and thus they are charming because of their originality. Our flagship products include wedding flowers in a box - it will make a unique table decoration. Just contact us and describe your dream bouquet!

Stunning wedding flowers. Guaranteed to make your big day special

Our senior florist team will assure to provide you with beautiful wedding and civil ceremony flowers.

In this collection you will find our tips which wedding bouquets you can choose for your special occasion.

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