Infinity Roses


Infinity roses are true roses. By treating fresh roses with a unique method, they are long lasting! Such roses last for more than 1 year while maintaining a natural look and delicacy. Our preserve roses are the best on the market as they still feel like a freshly cut rose with their soft touch. This is due to a specially developed method of preserving roses. Eternal Roses are made by mixing glycerin with a dye to preserve the specific colour of the roses, and then replacing the plant sap to maintain its natural appearance. For the best effect, flowers are selected at the peak of their natural flowering.

Infinity roses do not require the use of water, but sometimes require a light dusting. All preserve flowers are for indoor use only. To keep these flowers beautiful at all times and to prevent premature fading, these items should not be placed in the sun and should not be used in wet or cold locations. Remember that preserve roses are natural flowers, therefore there may be slight differences in size and shade of colour. 

Preserve roses are perfect as a gift and as a permanent decoration of places such as restaurants, offices, beauty salons and hotels. We will deliver our beautiful eternal roses to any address in the UK and abroad!