7 Seasonal Flowers for Your Summer Wedding Bouquet

As the sun casts its warmth and nature bursts into vibrant life, the summer season sets the perfect stage for weddings. Among the myriad of decisions to be made for your special day, choosing the ideal blooms for your bouquet should be a delightful endeavour. Do you want to create a captivating floral arrangement that mirrors the season's splendour? Do it by selecting the best flowers for a summer wedding bouquet!

summer bouquets for wedding


Sunflowers are exemplary summer blooms that embody the spirit of the season. Their golden petals and large, cheerful heads bring a touch of rustic charm to your summer wedding bouquet, which means they will be the perfect addition to the decorations in a boho theme. Sunflowers symbolise loyalty and adoration, making them a fitting choice for couples embarking on their lifelong journey together.

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While roses are a classic choice for any wedding, their diverse colours and fragrant charm work perfectly with the summer atmosphere. On top of that, they are also versatile enough to blend seamlessly with other seasonal flowers. While picking summer bouquets for a wedding, opt for lighter shades like peach, coral and sunny yellow to infuse your arrangement with a modern feel.


With their intricate petals and captivating colours, dahlias add a touch of sophistication and depth to your bouquet. These exquisite flowers come in a variety of shapes and sizes, allowing you to select the perfect one. The range of hues available, from deep purples to soft pinks, ensures that dahlias can be easily tailored to your wedding's style and colour palette.


Lavender's delicate blooms and soothing fragrance bring an air of romance and tranquillity to the summer wedding bouquets. Incorporate sprigs of this plant between other flowers to ingrain your arrangement with a refreshing scent and a soft, muted colour palette. As a bonus, lavender is known for its calming properties, which can ease pre-wedding jitters.

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Zinnias are a fantastic choice if you're looking for a playful pop of colour. Available in shades ranging from electric pink to sunny orange, these cheerful blooms are the embodiment of summer's energy. Mix and match zinnias of different colours and sizes to create a dynamic and eye-catching wedding bouquet that mirrors the season's spirit.

summer flower bridal bouquets


If you want to give your bouquet a touch of regal elegance, consider incorporating some orchids. These tall, graceful blooms will add grace and sophistication to your wedding arrangement, creating a truly glamorous effect. They will also represent the feelings of love, thoughtfulness, and beauty.


Do you want to add an extra layer of elegance and romance to your wedding arrangement with summer flowers? Bridal bouquets with peonies will help you achieve that! These blooms are a beloved choice for summer weddings for a reason. Those lush, full flowers come in an array of stunning colours, from rosy pinks to creamy whites. Peonies symbolise love, prosperity, and a happy marriage, making them an exquisite addition to your wedding ensemble.