A Guide to Rose Colour Meaning and Symbolism

Roses are well-known as one of the most beautiful, beloved and universal flowers in the world. Beyond their visual appeal and enchanting fragrance, roses also hold deep symbolism, and the colour of these blooms can convey a range of emotions and sentiments. Read on if you want to learn more about what different rose colours mean.

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Red Roses

When talking about rose colour symbolism, we need to start with red ones. They are perhaps the most iconic and universally recognized symbol of love and passion. The deep, vibrant red of these blooms signifies deep love, desire, and longing, which is why a bouquet of red roses is often given on special occasions like Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and betrothals. It's a timeless way to say "I love you" and express romantic love and devotion.

Pink Roses

Pink is another highly popular shade of flowers, so when explaining what do different colours of roses symbolise, we can’t miss this one. Pink roses come in various hues, and each holds its unique meaning. Light pink blooms show admiration, grace, and sweetness, making them a favoured choice for expressing gratitude and saying “Thank you”. Meanwhile, darker shades of pink, like magenta, represent appreciation, thankfulness and happiness.

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White Roses

What does the colour of a rose mean if the flower is white? This shade symbolises purity, innocence, new beginnings and eternal love, so it’s no surprise that white roses are often used during weddings. They can also convey reverence, humility and honour, which makes them an appropriate choice for funerals and memorial services. In some cultures, the white rose colour meaning is tied to spirituality and a connection to the divine as well. 

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses are a cheerful and sunny symbol of friendship and joy. They convey warmth, caring, happiness, and the bonds of friendship. Giving yellow roses to a friend is a gesture of appreciation and a way to brighten someone's day. However, there’s another meaning of this rose colour! Yellow blooms can also be associated with jealousy and infidelity, so it's essential to consider the context in which they are given.

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Orange Roses

What do different colours of roses mean? Orange versions are a vibrant and energetic choice that symbolises eagerness, desire, and passion. They are often given to convey admiration and attraction. Orange roses can also represent a sense of fascination and intense enthusiasm for someone or something. 

Peach Roses

Another rose colour that has gained in popularity is peach. Blooms in this shade often are used to convey gratitude and appreciation. They can also be a symbol of modesty and sincerity, which is why they’re nice to include in an apology floral arrangement.

Of course, in the stores, you will find other, more obscure colours of roses, such as blue, purple or even black. Now you know what different-colored roses mean, but if you’re wondering if similar rules apply to other flowers too, be sure to read our article on this topic

what do different colours of roses mean