Best flowers for wife

Is your wife's birthday just around the corner? Do you plan to prepare a gift for your anniversary? Or maybe you just want to surprise her with no occasion? Wonderful! She deserves it! No matter the reason, you should remember that one of the most romantic presents you can offer are beautiful and fragrant flowers for your wife. Let's find out which types will be the most suitable for your other half.

Best flowers for wife

Which flowers for wife to choose?

Red roses flowers for wife

Red roses

Well, it is a classic for a reason. Red roses continue to be one of the popular flowers for romantic partners as they represent passion and everlasting love. For this reason, it will be a perfect idea to include them in Valentine's Day or the anniversary bouquet for your wife. You may go for the entire floral arrangement made with red roses or combine them with some other blooms. It will send a message of deep devotion and surely will be a hit. Of course, you may choose other colours than red as well - pink will represent affection and admiration, and white will highlight the purity of your intentions. 


Of course, among popular birthday flowers for wives, we simply had to include gerberas as well. These blooms are also known as "Her Beauty", which makes them an excellent choice for any occasion when you want to pay a compliment to your spouse's looks and style.

Gerbera flowers for wife

Orchid flowers for wife


Orchids combine elegance and fragility with a slightly exotic look, making them a fabulous gift for your wife's birthday or anniversary. Such blooms will send a message highlighting the refined beauty, femininity, and delicacy that your wife possesses. Even though orchids seem fragile, they are fairly low maintenance, which makes them a very practical present. As a result, their upkeep won't be troublesome, and your other half will be able to enjoy the beauty and fragrance for a long time.

Blue Irises

Many men visit florists in search of "flowers for my wife", and specialists will often recommend Blue Irises to them. Why? Because these blossoms are well known to be wonderful romantic presents, which can be gifted for a birthday, anniversary, or even Valentine's Day. They symbolise hope, faith and are a great option if you want to pay compliments to your wife.

Blue iris flowers for wife

Sunflower flowers for wife


Do you want to brighten your wife's day? Then reach for Sunflowers! These sunny blooms are full of positivity and optimism that will be perfect for such a joyous occasion like the birthday of your loved one. With Sunflowers, you will show your wife that she's the light of your life.


If you're looking for blooms that will allow you to celebrate many years together, try Camellias - they symbolise faithfulness, longevity, and everlasting love, which means they will create a perfect anniversary bouquet for your wife!

Camelia flowers for wife

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Which flowers for your wife will you select?

Did you find inspiration on our list, or maybe you decided to give her the blooms she already loves?