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Boho wedding bouquet

When planning a wedding, there are many decisions to be made. One of the most important, which the future brides must make, is the type of floral compositions. The selected theme will be the main decorative element of both the wedding hall, the church and of course the wedding bouquet. One of the most popular trends nowadays is the boho style - because it expresses the exceptional joy of life, and at the same time it is subtle and casual. What are the characteristics of a boho style wedding bouquet? Check the details.

Boho wedding bouquet

Boho wedding bouquet – characteristics

Boho style means freedom for many - a way to escape from routine and cliché. Properly composed plants can express the joy of life, freedom and individuality. What characterizes boho wedding bouquets is the fact that they are made mostly of plants from the surroundings - natural, popular, easy to find in the garden or on a stroll. What is important is that the selected species are enriched with a large number, diverse greenery.

Importantly, the boho style, despite being one, lets us create different variations of wedding bouquets. Future brides can go for a casual, horizontal version, but also a relaxed bud of flowers. The whole can also take a cascading form. Depending on the preferences of the Bride also armfuls of flowers look beautiful - bouquets resting on the wrist. 

When planning a boho wedding bouquet, you should also consider complementing it with a wedding garland in the same style. This add-on perfectly matches the style and wedding arranged in this style. It not only adds a unique character to the whole, but also helps bring out feminine beauty, genuineness and youthful charm.

The mentioned freedom, however, cannot be introduced too much into the composition - lulling the vigilance too much can result in a chaotic bouquet instead of an aesthetically appealing combination of plants, completely mismatched with the situation. Florists also make it possible to create wedding bouquets in boho style from flowers without leaves. However, for the effect to be accurate, the work must be carried out by experienced and talented specialists - the aesthetic tying of stems in a spiral is not easy.

Boho bridal bouquet

What else should you know?

As already mentioned, boho style stands for freedom, naturalness and delicacy. Boho wedding bouquets are casual, but large compositions of irregular shape, extremely romantic. Usually maintained in a delicate, pastel, bright colours. The final effect should resemble a composition collected independently on the meadow - extremely natural. Their combination should not be too deliberate, on the contrary - random. Although obtaining such an effect is not easy, and the composition may look delicate, it will surely endure the entire ceremony, without worrying about the possibility of damage.

Boho bouquet for bride

What flowers are used for boho wedding bouquets?

Some people wonder what flowers will be best for creating boho wedding bouquets. When designing a composition, we should rely on diversity. The chosen plants should be different not only in terms of species of flowers, but also in shape, height or even texture. In this way they allow to create a contrasting, but casual and cool combination. For standard wedding bouquets in boho style peonies, eustomas, buttercups, heather, marguerites and carnations should definitely be included.

However, let's not forget that flowers are not everything. The inseparable element of a boho style wedding bouquet are green leaves. In this case eucalyptus leaves are a perfect choice - they have not only a beautiful, original colour, but also a unique shape. The whole can be complemented with white gypsophila - delicate, small flowers that enhance the subtle look of the whole, but also makes it look attractive.

White boho flowers to wedding bouquet


Boho flowers to wedding bouquetWedding bouquet with white flowers

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