Different Types of Advent Calendar

Advent calendar

Christmastime is coming, which means it's time to start searching for perfect advent calendar types that will satisfy the needs of the most demanding users. How to choose an ideal model that will get you into the Christmas mood? Which models can be used as a gift for your beloved ones? Keep reading!

Popular types of an advent calendar

Advent calendars are a relatively new tradition that helps us count down the days to Christmas. Such a calendar usually has 24 boxes and each of them marks a separate day (from 1st to 24th of December). Celebrating the special advent time is a great way to get ready for the Christmas season and treat yourself or your family and friends with small gifts that will bring them joy.

Popular types of an advent calendar

Nowadays, we are spoiled for choice when it comes to the variety and diversity of available advent calendar types. Depending on your preferences (or the preferences of the person you're going to gift), you can choose from a wide range of calendars with chocolates, alcohol, cosmetics, souvenirs, beauty products, or even themed gadgets.

Perfect advent calendar ideas for her

There are probably very few women who don't like buying new beauty products. Therefore, if you're looking for a gift that would show your significant other that you know her as the back of your hand, you should definitely check out cosmetics on her dressing table and look for quality advent calendars offered by her favourite brands. 

Perfect advent calendar

Don't feel discouraged if it turns out that specific companies don't make advent calendars. Remember that women frequently choose proven solutions because they simply don't want to waste money on something that may not work out. A new beauty advent calendar is a great idea for surprising your girlfriend or wife.

If your partner doesn't like cosmetics, go for a reliable chocolate advent calendar that will appeal to everyone having a sweet tooth.

Chocolate advent calendar

Perfect advent calendar ideas for him

Perfect advent calendar ideas

If your man loves sophisticated drinks and liquors, go for an alcohol or gin calendar that will spoil his taste buds. It's an ideal advent calendar idea for every connoisseur who is still looking for the perfect combination and likes tasting new blends.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an ideal solution for a person who is a huge fan of a popular film or TV series, try to search for themed advent calendars. A man who loves J.K. Rowling will surely be opening subsequent boxes of a Harry Potter advent calendar with a high colour.

Just think about the preferences and interests of your significant other. This is a proven recipe for winning the hearts of your close friends, family members and girlfriend or boyfriend. 

Advent calendar types — the takeaway

The advent and Christmas season is an ideal time to treat yourself and gift your close ones. If you're looking for unique solutions that will bring a lot of joy to the people you love, invest in quality advent calendars with chocolates, cosmetics, or liquors. Buying an advent calendar is like buying 24 separate gifts that will make your significant other smile on every December day.

Check out advent calendars available in our store and choose the one that suits you best!