Flowers for a friend

Gone are the days when flowers were given only as a romantic gesture. Nowadays, they’re a perfect gift not only to your family members but friends as well. And there are various occasions when you can present a glorious floral arrangement to your friend. Birthdays, graduations, promotions, housewarmings and so on. Or you may even get them a bouquet for no real reason apart from wanting to thank them for sticking with you through thick and thin. But what flowers for a best friend will be the best choice? Let’s find out!

Flowers for a friend

Best floral arrangements for a friend

Best flowers for a friend

So, what kind of flowers for a friend will be the best choice? Usually, yellow is the main colour that signifies friendship, so you can safely reach for blooms in sunny shades. Of course, the classic pick would be yellow roses, which represent not only love but friendship as well. It’s a solid candidate that will bring a smile to your friends' faces thanks to its beauty and fragrance. Another great option is sunflowers, which recall feelings of loyalty, adoration and longevity. That sounds like all the good signs of a healthy friendship, right? On top of that, sunflowers represent happiness, which is a great thing to wish for your confidant.

Blooms for a best friend

Chrysanthemums are another bloom that should be considered if you’re thinking of sending flowers to a friend. Why? Because they represent optimism, joyfulness and festive spirit. They will be a great pick flowers for best friends if you want to show them you value your friendship and are hopeful that coming years will only make it stronger. Or you can reach for yellow gerberas, which recall pride, energy, and purity and happiness related to relationships with others.

Celebrate birthday the right way

How about a friend’s birthday flowers? For this occasion, you can pick Alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian Lily. Why? Because it depicts support, loyalty, devotion, prosperity, and mutual support. The flower has six petals and each of them means something different, including empathy, patience, respect, commitment, humour, and understanding. So, if you want to thank your friend for a strong bond and wish them all the best on their birthday, you can’t go wrong with Alstroemeria!

Birthday flowers for a friend

Sending flowers to a friend

Remember that you don’t always have to hand the bouquet in person! You can simply send flowers to friends and have them delivered to their homes or workplace. After all, you may not always live in the same cities, and a floral package in the mail will be a great surprise no matter the occasion.

Flowers for a friend package

How about something else?

Of course, you can pick a floral arrangement with a twist and include in the package not only blooms but other items your friend will absolutely love. At Flowers Box, you can select from a variety of gifts, including chocolates, balloons, plush Teddy Bears, freshly baked goods, and even various alcoholic beverages. The choice is yours!