Flowers for all occasions - how to choose a universal bouquet?

Miranda Kerr once said that “a rose can never be a sunflower, and a sunflower can never be a rose. All flowers are beautiful in their own way”. So how to arrange versatile bouquets suitable for every occasion? Keep reading!

The ultimate guide to universal flowers for special occasions

Universal flowers for special occasions

You probably give flowers to people that are important to you because you want to make them happy. However, bouquets are also a unique and outstanding way to complement celebration of ground-breaking life events such as getting married, graduating from university, being promoted, overcoming an illness, getting engaged, marking impressive anniversaries, or thanking someone for a noteworthy effort.

When buying birthday, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day flowers, you’ll probably select types and colours most appreciated by the bestowed person. But what to do in a situation when you aren’t as thick as thieves with someone you want to buy flowers for? How to select a universal bouquet and avoid cultural faux pas?

Colourful flowers for all occasions

Go for white flowers whenever you want to make a gesture symbolizing purity and youth. This colour is ideal for elegant wedding bouquets that will certainly appeal to the newlyweds. 

Yellow flowers indicate friendship, therefore, don’t give them to your date if you are thinking about a serious relationship. Yellow blooms symbolizing success should be reserved to artists and business persons.

Yellow flowers for friends

Red and pink flowers are ideal for your significant other. They represent love, romance, and intense feelings. However, it’s also worth noting that pink blooms are associated with modesty and can be given to virtually everyone as they simply appeal to all tastes and suit every occasion. 

Red and pink flowers for special occasions

Select blue flowers whenever you wish to express your admiration to someone’s refinement and sophistication. Although this colour is rather rare, it’s worth taking your time to find the most unique bouquet.

Unique blue flowers bouquet

Remarkable meanings of flower types

Roses symbolize love and beauty. They have been used for centuries to denote relationships full of passion and emotions. Thanks to an impressive variety of available colours, it’s possible to arrange a bouquet suitable for all persons that matter to you.

Roses for all occasions

Tulips are probably the second most popular flowers that express love and elegance. Depending on the selected shade, they are appropriate for every surrounding, from modern offices to casual parties and fancy weddings. You can safely give them to your boss, co-worker, or mum without worrying about making a blunder.

Universal tulips - flowers for all occasions

There is no better flower symbol of luxury than a mesmerizing bouquet of orchids. Give it to someone you want to impress. These plants indicate sexuality, elegance and affection which make them a daring alternative to a bunch of red roses. 

Looking for less obvious flower types? Go for peonies to wish someone a successful marriage, good fortune, and prosperity. 

Universal bouquet of peonies

On the other hand, daffodils are ideal to say, “I’m sorry”. 

Camellias indicate finesse and excellence, daisies stand for playfulness, geraniums should be given to your true friends, dwarf sunflowers are perfect for a person you adore, jasmine expresses grace, whereas irises are model 25th anniversary flowers showing faithfulness and wisdom.

Universal flowers

With these tips, arranging a universal bouquet suitable for every special occasion should be a piece of cake!

Flowers for special occasions - bouquet