Flowers for baby boy

What flowers for a baby boy should you choose?

The birth of a child is one of the most joyful occasions, and it's worth celebrating. Of course, you may do it by gifting the parents with a glorious floral arrangement. But what kind of flowers for a new baby boy will be the best choice? Let's find out!

Flowers for baby boy

The best baby boy flowers

Best flowers for baby boy

For years now, we have grown accustomed to specific colour distinctions when it comes to genders - blue items for boys and pink ones for girls. So, if you want to stick to this tradition when selecting flowers for a baby boy, then choose a bouquet that contains blue blooms. Which flowers would that be? Among the best choices are irises, which represent faith and hope and will mean that you have hopeful feelings regarding the child's future. You can also choose beautiful delphiniums which symbolise joy, happiness, and goodwill. Anemones are another fabulous idea for new baby boy flowers as they express protection from evil and bad omens. Blue daisies, a blue flower with a yellow centre, will work great as well - they're associated with cheerfulness, new beginnings and motherhood, which means they will be an excellent gift to both mother and her baby boy. Blue orchid is one of the rarest ones, but it certainly will be a splendid flower for a new baby as it signifies fertility, beauty, strength and vigour.

What else to choose if not blue?

If you don't want to give blue flowers for a baby boy, you can choose more versatile floral arrangements. In this case, you should aim to add to the bouquet blooms in neutral tones, including such colours as cream, white, pastel, yellow, or orange. How about the most popular types of flowers? The list must include sunflowers, which represent vitality, intelligence, and happiness. Yellow and white daffodils will also be a stunning choice for a baby as they recall feelings of hope, positivity and joy. They also mark new beginnings. Of course, you can also select the flowers for a new baby boy according to the month he was born in.

Not blue baby blue flowers

When to send flowers for the baby?

Of course, you can send baby boy flowers by post if you don't live near happy parents or if you just want to surprise them before your visit. It's worth noting that the scheduled date of birth often is inexact, so it would be best to plan the delivery when you've heard the news that the baby boy has been born. You can have the floral arrangement delivered to the happy parents' home or to the hospital if you know they are staying there for a few days. However, sending flowers directly to their home will mean that they won't have to carry them from the hospital. Thinking about their comfort and practicality is a small yet thoughtful gesture that surely will be appreciated.