Flowers for girlfriend - ideas

Flowers for girlfriend - ideas

All women love flowers, but each one of them is different, has her own favourite and they are not always popular red roses or white lilies. Giving flowers to a woman makes her feel special. In this way we appreciate her, express our sympathy, but also apologize, congratulate, and improve mood. Wondering what flowers should I buy for my girlfriend? We have a few proven recommendations.

Flowers to buy for girlfriends - what to consider?

Flowers to buy for girlfirends

When choosing flowers for girlfriend you should first be guided by her individual preferences. Every woman likes to get her favourite flowers, so try to find out what flowers your girlfriend likes. Not without significance is also the symbolism of flowers. The beautiful sex pays a lot of attention to symbols, including those connected with flowers. For example, red roses mean passionate love, but yellow roses mean jealousy. So, pay attention to the colour of the flowers.

And how many flowers for girlfriend should you buy? Does the number matter? It depends, but if you are celebrating an anniversary, then you can be guided by it when composing a bouquet. There is also a belief (but not everyone believes in it) that an even number of flowers is unlucky. Florists are of the opinion that an odd number of flowers arranges better in a bouquet.

Flowers for girlfriend

Romantic flowers for my girlfriend? Roses of course!

Romantic flowers for girlfriend

Are you a romantic person, and so is your other half? Do you want to express your love and warm feeling for your girlfriend? Most men in such a situation will choose romantic flowers for their girlfriends, that is red roses. Their symbolism is known to everyone all over the world. Eternal love and desire - this is what these flowers mean.

However, roses also come in other colours. White represents innocence and purity. They can mean that you have a spiritual feeling for a woman. Yellow means jealousy and should be handled with care. Pink roses symbolize gratitude.

Cute flowers for girlfriend... tulips, freesias...

You know that your sweetheart is not a fan of roses. She prefers other species of flowers. She prefers girly carelessness, so cute flowers for girlfriend will be a better choice. Tulips, associated with spring, work very well. Here we should also be careful about the colour of flowers. Pink tulips should rather be left for a friend or mother because they mean sentimentalism. Yellow tulips mean joy and positive energy, in turn red tulips mean love, similarly to roses.

Tulips for girlfriend

Freesias also have a wide circle of fans. Their symbolism refers to innocence, respect, and joy. They are very universal flowers, because we can give them to a beloved woman, as well as to our mother and friends.

A good idea is to use carnations as flowers for girlfriend. However, their symbolism refers more to infatuation, so it is better to bet on them at the beginning of nascent feelings, and not already in an experienced relationship.

Freesias for girlfriend

Special flowers for girlfriend – flower box

Special flowers for girlfriend

Would you like to surprise your girlfriend? Are you looking for something special, an alternative to classic bouquets? Recently flower boxes are very popular. These are boxes in which live flowers are closed. Sometimes the boxes are complemented with accessories in the form of sweets. The whole is decorated with a velvet ribbon.

If you are wondering "what flowers should I buy for my girlfriend", first, follow the preferences of your beloved. Buy flowers not only for occasions but also for every day. A small gesture which will make her happy.