Flowers for the wedding anniversary

Wedding anniversary flowers

Gentlemen, wanting to give their loved one a nice gift for a wedding anniversary, often decide to buy a stately bouquet. Flowers for a wedding anniversary are always a good solution - ladies love this type of gift. However, for the selected composition to be the right one, it is worth planning what it should consist of. What flowers for a wedding anniversary should you choose? We suggest it below.

Why are wedding anniversary flowers a good choice?

Flowers are a perfect gift for a wedding anniversary, showing your partner that the love that brought you together is still present. For many, it is also a continuation of the tradition - each year, they give a woman a specific bouquet of flowers. Flowers for a wedding anniversary are a good idea because a fresh composition, full of multi-coloured twigs, evokes positive feelings and often brings back memories of this special day. Interestingly, in many relationships, not only do men buy flowers for women, but vice versa. As you can see, flowers are also a nice gift for men.

Wedding anniversary bouquet

What flowers for the wedding anniversary?

Ruby wedding anniversary flowers

Choosing the right flowers for a wedding anniversary can get confusing. When choosing the right species, it is worth remembering to focus on species and joyful colours. The most popular are red roses - a classic but extremely elegant bouquet associated with the hot love of two people. On this special day, however, you can give your partner a completely different species, which is also a great choice. Before deciding, however, it is worth knowing that each species, but also colour, has its own meaning and hidden symbolism. A diamond bouquet for a wedding anniversary, ruby flowers for a wedding anniversary, golden flowers for a wedding anniversary, and many others will also be good choices.

What kind of flowers should you choose?

As already mentioned, roses are the most popular type of flower for a wedding anniversary. With their help, you can create not only unique ruby flowers for a wedding anniversary but also modern gold or silver flowers for a wedding anniversary. Or maybe a different kind of flower for each wedding anniversary?

Few people realise that each wedding anniversary is assigned not only its name but also a flower species. It is a good solution for couples who want to give a loved one a different flower each year. Of course, the tradition of giving your partner the same flowers every year, in an appropriate odd number, is also a great choice.

Anniversary wedding flowers

Carnations are associated with the first wedding anniversary - flowers symbolising innocent love, characteristic of young spouses. For example, the 5th wedding anniversary is associated with daisies, which, apart from innocence, are also clean and gentle. A full 10th wedding anniversary? A bouquet of daffodils is a good choice, which allows you to return to the pleasant memories of the past. Asters are recommended for a married couple of more than 20 years; the flowers symbolise knowledge and love. The next flowers for the wedding anniversary are a bouquet of gladioli for the 40th anniversary and a bouquet of roses and violets for the 50th wedding anniversary.

For a wedding anniversary, it is worth giving a woman not only a magnificent bouquet but also a single flower, e.g., a long, magnificent sunflower. Flowers in a pot are also a good choice - they will surely please the eyes of the spouses for a long time and will be a great reminder of important moments. These types of compositions are also interesting home decorations.

If you want to give your loved one double pleasure, it is worth adding a love letter with a confession to the flowers or a voucher for a joint trip to a romantic city or a weekend at the spa. Such a wedding anniversary celebration will not only provide a pleasant experience but also help cultivate the bond between spouses.