Flowers for wedding bouquet

The wedding bouquet is one of the most important elements of every bride's look. No wonder that many women spend a long time wondering what types and colours of flowers they should choose so that they suit both the owner of the bouquet and the planned wedding décor. What flowers are most often chosen for a wedding bouquet? Does their colour scheme matter? Check our suggestions below!

Flowers for Wedding Bouquet

Flowers for wedding bouquet arrangements

Wedding bouquets flowers -on table

Flower ideas for wedding bouquet - what should you know?

When looking for an idea for flowers for a wedding bouquet it is important to bear in mind that its appropriate colouring can not only add charm to the bride but also enliven her outfit. What is more, this kind of bouquet usually includes the main colour of the wedding - it is in this colour that all the decorations are made, not only in the wedding reception room, but also in the church or in the Bride and Groom's houses. Below we present floral ideas for wedding bouquets, broken down by their colour. We pay attention not only to the colours and available species of plants, but also their meaning.

Natural wedding bouquet

Flowers for bride bouquet

Blue flowers for a wedding bouquet

When choosing blue flowers for a wedding bouquet, it is worth remembering that their colour symbolizes power and self-sufficiency. This type of plants perfectly matches with flowers of other colours - brown and navy blue.

Blue flowers for a wedding bouquet

Light blue flowers for wedding bouquet

Among the most popular blue flowers for a wedding bouquet are hyacinths. They are available extremely early - already in the spring season, and their great advantage is durability - they last a long time even without water. They are perfect not only for bridal bouquets but also as hair decorations.

Also, the forget-me-nots are very popular. They are an exceptional flower, however, not very durable. Most often they look beautiful for about an hour or two without water, i.e., only during the wedding ceremony. If the Bride would like to have a wedding bouquet for a longer period of time, she should consider hydrangeas. These work perfectly in hot weather not only as an element of the wedding bouquet, but also as a table decoration or floral jewellery.

Flowers for wedding bouquet with blue accents

Purple flowers for a wedding bouquet

Purple flowers for a wedding bouquet

Against all fears, purple flowers are as popular in wedding bouquets as white ones. They perfectly match with pink and greenery, and in such compositions create elegant and dignified combinations. This type of colour scheme is appreciated by people who love a wide choice. When it comes to flowers in this colour, they are available in different types - from hyacinths, orchids, hydrangeas, tulips, irises, anemones, to roses and lavender.

White flowers for a wedding bouquet

White flowers for a wedding bouquet are a perfect complement to the look of every bride. This colour symbolizes purity and lightness and has long been used in important and momentous events. Choosing this type of composition, it is worth to enrich it with delicate flowers in another colour and decorative accessories - pearls or ribbons. For women who love romantic compositions, lilies, roses, or peonies will be perfect. However, if the future Bride is looking for something more original, she should bet on tulips, hydrangea, or lily of the valley - all of them will stand out in their simplicity, but also beauty.

White flowers for wedding bouquet

Pink flowers for a wedding bouquet

Pink for many is a feminine colour. Such compositions are not only aesthetic, but also delicate and perfectly match any wedding look. It is said that people who appreciate this colour are very loving. It is worth remembering that this hue is so graceful, that it is available in many shades - thanks to this, combining flowers of one type with different tones of pink you can create unique compositions. Among the most popular plants are roses, peonies.

Pink flowers for a wedding bouquet

Yellow flowers for wedding bouquet

Yellow flowers for a wedding bouquet

Yellow is an extremely energetic, optimistic colour, which is associated with the sun. Many people point out that this colour is also associated with fear. When choosing a wedding bouquet in this colour scheme you should choose sunflowers - the combination of yellow and green allows to create an aesthetic combination, and thus the bouquet itself will be exceptional and unique.