Flowers with a card - they express more than words

Flowers are a perfect way to express your feelings, congratulations, thanks, but also to apologize to a person or to commemorate an important day. One of the most interesting ideas is to choose a flower parcel - carefully selected flowers with a nice note will surely bring a smile on every person's face. What can you say with a note attached to flowers? Check it out.

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Flowers with a card - they express more than words

Flowers, properly composed, in terms of their type and colour, can express more than a lot of words. A small card attached to them will surely make the giftee express his or her emotions and wishes in a simple way. Such a form of gift, whether on the occasion of birthday, name day, wedding anniversary, apology, thanks, congratulations or many others will certainly bring a huge smile on the face of the recipient. What can you say with a note attached to the flowers?

Flowers with card - quotes

Quotes for cards with flowers

A flower card - what to consider when writing content?

When planning to send flowers with a card, it is worth remembering that the content should match not only the occasion, but also the relationship between the two people. As a result, the apology, thanks, or congratulations can be either official or private. The best solution is the content written in own words, coming straight from the heart. However, many online florists offer ready-made content or provide a wide range of quotes that perfectly fit into any situation.

Interestingly, depending on the reason for sending flowers, you can send the recipient a bouquet as a surprise, with a nice message attached, but without revealing the sender of the package. This way is often chosen by people in love - it allows not only to make the other half happy and bring a smile to her face, but also to make her curious. However, it is worth remembering that the most important is the content - personally and properly chosen words bring pleasure and satisfaction. Below are some inspirations, depending on the type of event, which will certainly make it easier to choose or create your own wishes.

Sending flowers with card - quotes


With a bouquet of roses, I cannot come to wish you Happy Birthday, but may your dreams come true with these words!


Dear Newlyweds, we wish you to go through life together, with a smile on your faces, full of mutual respect and understanding.

A declaration of love

I'm sending you flowers - let them say what the longing lips don't say!

The birth of a child

Congratulations on the birth of your little miracle! May there be even more joy and laughter for you and your growing family!

Wedding anniversary

For a wonderful couple, all the best wishes! That happiness knows no limit, that the sun shines every day, and that your affection is exceptionally passionate.


Thank you for the moments of understanding, the small gestures of kindness and your smile that fills my life.


Forgive me for my mistakes, for your hurting heart, for our moments of anger, for my lack of an open heart and tenderness.

To cheer someone up

Did you know that this bouquet has a hidden power? It brightens your day, makes all worries disappear and puts a beaming smile on your face! :)

There are many texts to express feelings. Choosing the right one should be guided by the heart - not everyone has the skills to create poems or write moving content. Both in the offer of florists, as well as on the Internet you can find many interesting ideas - in addition to traditional content, quotes are very popular. Their message is most often magical, it mobilizes to action, touches, but also makes them remain in memory for a long time.

Flowers quotes to express feelings

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