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How long do flowers last in a box?

Flowers in flower boxes have become really popular all over the world in recent years and more and more often we can meet compositions in this unique form. Instead of a traditional bouquet we give an elegant box, which is filled with flowers of your choice, most often roses of course. The box can be closed with a fitted lid, in which case the flowers cannot cross the edge of the box, or without a lid, which allows the whole bouquet to be displayed outside the box.

How long do flowers last in a box? Flowers in flower boxes are placed in a special floral sponge soaked in water with the addition of a conditioner for cut flowers. If you want to enjoy the beautiful appearance of your bouquet for as long as possible, you need to take good care of it. Caring for flowers in boxes is not difficult or labour intensive, nor is it much different from caring for a regular bouquet.

How long do flowers last in a box

How to take care of this type of flower? Practical tips!

Do not place flower boxes close to sources of heat or near bowls with fruit (especially bananas), because fruit ripening gives off ethylene, which accelerates the fading of cut flowers. Avoid putting flower boxes in an airy place, and don't expose them to sudden temperature changes that can make flowers wilt in a few hours. With these rules you will effectively prolong the life of your bouquets and enjoy their beauty for longer! What's more, the sponge is soaked in water with a conditioner, so you can be sure that the flowers will last longer.

How to take care of flowers in a box

Is a flower box a good idea for a gift?

Boxes are extremely practical. Flower box works as a vase, thanks to which you do not have to worry about where they will be placed and whether the gifted person has a proper vessel. If you are worried about how long flowers in a box last, then you can rest assured. Each box comes with a sponge with water to keep your bouquet in great condition for longer. Flowers in this form are a wonderful idea because they don't need pruning, and when they wilt, we are left with an elegant box that can be used for other purposes. The box lined with waterproof material will certainly not let water through, and the composition will keep its beautiful appearance. Flower box will be a perfect gift for birthday, wedding or communion.

Flowers in a box for a gift

Ultimately, how long flowers can stay in a box will depend on the care you give them. Each of us wants his or her floral gift to last as long as possible and in this way remind the gifted person of an important occasion. It is very difficult to achieve such an effect by choosing traditional cut flowers, which will stay in a vase for a few days at most. Boxes will positively surprise you with their longevity!