How Many Stems in a Bridal Bouquet?

Stems in bouquet

Properly selected flowers make important events such as weddings even more special. Floral decorations are the real icing on the cake that help to set the romantic tone for the ceremony. However, for this to happen, you must make a few decisions. How many stems in a bridal bouquet to choose? Keep reading!

Why are flowers so important?

Flowers play a significant role during important events such as weddings. The bride is holding the bouquet in her hands when she walks down the aisle and then uses it during the traditional bouquet toss. Guests are looking at her, thinking if the bouquet matches other floral decorations at the altar or the reception hall. Properly chosen flowers can make the atmosphere more mesmerising, add magic to the moment and catch the eye of wedding guests.

So, how many stems in a bridal bouquet should you have? If you want to make sure that your wedding is special, you must think carefully about the type and size of the flowers. 

The meaning of the number of flowers in a bouquet

Contrary to what you may think, there is no symbolic meaning of the number of flowers in a bouquet. Your decision in this respect should depend mainly on the type of flowers you have chosen. It's worth remembering that the volume of flowers varies considerably. Therefore, if you opt for roses, you'll certainly need fewer of them than, say, lilies or gypsophila flowers.

Number of flowers in bouquet

So, if you are wondering how many flowers in a bouquet would be most appropriate, think about the theme of the wedding, and the type of the flowers you want.

How many stems in a bridal bouquet?

If the above arguments aren't satisfactory, look at our calculations regarding the number of flowers in a bouquet. We've considered the most popular flower types and arrangements:

  • Peonies - a small bouquet of peonies should include around 3-4 stems, a medium one from 6 to 9, and a big one from 10 to 12.
  • Mixed bouquets (e.g., 2 flower types and greens) - in this case the number may vary depending on the types of flowers, however, it can be assumed that a small bouquet should have approximately 10 stems, a medium one from 18 to 20, and a big one from 25 to 30.
  • Roses - a small rose bouquet should include from 8 to 12 flowers, a medium one from 18 to 20, and a big one from 21 to 25. 

Number of flowers

How many stems in bouquet

Stems in bouquet - how many

Hopefully, these estimations will help you answer the question "how many stems in a bouquet?" Keep in mind that following the numbers blindly isn't the best idea. Think about the theme of your wedding ceremony and choose flowers that will add a special touch to the event.

Wedding flowers are one of the most important decorations that can make every ceremony more magical. If you have a hard time deciding how many stems in a bridal bouquet would be the most suitable, consult professional florists.

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