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How many types of roses are there?

Types of roses - guide about most popular variances

Roses not only provide aesthetic impressions but are a source of numerous substances that have a beneficial effect on our body. There are 150-200 different types of these flowers known to occur in the northern hemisphere. Roses have long been one of the most popular flowers to plant in the garden, as well as to buy in bouquets for various occasions.

Types of roses

General characteristics of the different types of roses

Roses are shrubs with erect or decumbent stems, usually with thorns. Leaves are mainly seasonal, flowers extremely variable, decorative, colourful, from single through semi-full to full. The flowers of the rose are large, fragrant, radiant and come in a variety of shapes. They grow on stalks of various lengths, which can be straight or curved. Rose bushes are able to tolerate a wide range of growing conditions. The easiest way to propagate roses is by grafting, cuttings and suckers. Selected species can also be propagated by seed. Roses are used throughout the world as symbols of love, compassion or sorrow. We very often plant them in gardens and give them as gifts to people close to us.

Roses in the garden

What are the most popular types of roses?

The most popular are those of the multi-flowered type, (both bedding and garden) in pots (miniature roses), as well as in hedge form (park roses) or colourful carpets (groundcover roses). First of all, roses are perfect for cut flowers, and roses of the multifloral type are most often used for this task. There is also another type - clinging roses, which are not typical climbers, but certainly look stunning, extremely picturesque when in bloom. They can wrap around walls, pergolas and even tree trunks. They are often planted in public buildings that are in close proximity to nature.

Most popular roses

How are new types of roses created and what are new types of roses?

You should be aware that the process of creating a new rose is extremely laborious, frustrating and time-consuming work. This is already evidenced by the fact that in order to obtain one valuable rose variety, tens of thousands of crosses have to be made, which means an even greater number of pollinations. Breeders do this in order to create the perfect rose that will delight and interest others.

One of the newest varieties is Pitahaya. The original colours of the flowers, which are made up of extremely numerous petals, are incredibly beautiful. The colour of the flower’s changes depending on the light conditions. Pitahaya was produced in 2009.

Pithaya roses

In addition to this variety, the latest are Purple Power, which is stunning in colour.

Purple power rose

Red Desire from 2011 has beautiful buds and attractive, intense red flower.

Red desire rose

Rose breeding is the creation of new varieties by crossing two mother plants.

There are many types of rose flowers, which are constantly being modified. Roses are beautiful flowers that symbolize beautiful values, decorate homes and gardens, and make great gifts for many occasions. See our roses bouquets.