How to get orchids to flower?

How to get orchids to flower?

Orchids are well-known to be one of the most stunning home plants, and often they’re a gift for a special occasion, such as birthdays, anniversaries or even Valentine’s Day. However, for many people, they’re also a challenge to grow. How to get orchids to flower for the first time and keep them blooming again and again?

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Why won't your orchid flower?

You should bear in mind that orchids won’t flower the whole year - they will go through the bloom cycle and then enter a resting phase, also known as dormancy. It may last for about six to nine months but will vary depending on the plant. However, keeping your orchid in optimal conditions means you can prolong the flowering period and enjoy blooms in their full beauty for a longer time. How to achieve that?

how to get orchids to flower

What should you do?

So how to get orchids to flower again? Once the blooms from the plant have fallen down, only a flower spike and leaves will remain. The spike is the key part, and it should still be green for this part. In order to prepare it for the next flowering cycle, you should cut it, but not down to the base. Instead, find a node, also known as a visible joint, and cut off the stem just above it. This action will stimulate the growth of another flower. And if your plant has more than one spike? Do the same thing with the rest of them. However, if you notice that the spike is turning yellow or brown, trim it off right at the base of the plant. Orchids prepared in that way can enter the dormant period and should bloom again in several months. But what to do in the meantime?

How to care for your orchids?

Of course, you need to properly take care of the dormant orchid. Keep the flower in a bright spot, but avoid direct exposure to the sun as it may dry out the leaves. Indirect light will be the best, especially if you have a window facing the east or west. At night, you may want to move your orchid to a cooler spot because lower nighttime temperatures help new spikes emerge faster. When they appear, you can leave your orchid in its normal setting. Orchids also like a high humidity environment, so you may add moist pebbles next to or under your plant, and its roots will absorb moisture from the air.

If you’re wondering how to get orchids to flower, don’t forget about an optimal watering schedule. Orchids hate overwatering, so make sure that the plant has time to dry out and avoid leaving it standing in water. If your flower has a transparent pot, take a look at the roots. Water it when the roots seem silvery, and wait if they’re still green. Of course, the watering schedule should be tailored to the size and type of your plant as well as its environment.

How about… fresh orchids?

We know that several months of dormancy is a long time. If you don’t want to wait so long for the flowers to bloom again, there’s another option - orchid bouquets! Fresh floral arrangements with this stunning plant will be a perfect gift for almost any occasion - birthday, anniversary, graduation, housewarming party or even as a thank you. You can select a version full of orchids or decide on something with other gorgeous blooms, such as Roses, Tulips, Tracheliums, Alstroemerias, Lavender, Carnations, Bupleurum etc.

how to get orchids to flower