How to Get Tulips to Open? A Blooming Guide

How to make tulips open? You must place them in a vase with lukewarm water. There are, however, some tricks that can help you speed up the process. If you wish to learn all about them, read this article – our tulip blooming guide!

how long do tulips take to open

How to Make Tulips Open?

There are quite a few tricks that can get your tulips open more quickly, but first, you need to know about them. So, what will help get them to bloom?

  • Place them in indirect sunlight – This way, you will make your tulips lean towards the sun, thus opening more quickly.
  • Avoid heat – While tulips do not like cold temperatures, heat doesn’t do the trick for them either. Thus, you need to avoid placing your tulips in places that get too hot during the day or night.
  • Trim the leaves below the water line – It will prevent moulding while speeding up the opening of your tulips since the water will no longer be delivered to these unneeded leaves.
  • Cut the stems at 45 degrees – This is a common trick that helps flowers absorb the water faster.
  • A gentle mist on the petals – Consider gently sprinkling the petals, as this might also stimulate the tulips to open.
  • Don’t place any fruits nearby – These can emit ethylene gas, which might cause your tulip bouquet to age more quickly and cause the flowers to drop before they even open.
  • Replace the water regularly – How to get tulips to open with contaminated water? Well, you cannot. Therefore, you must change the water in the vase regularly.
  • Make sure that each stem has space – When putting your tulips into a vase, make sure that there is some distance between each stem – if the stems are squeezed tightly, the tulips might drop and age more quickly.
  • Do not put them with other flowers – Some other flower species, like daffodils, may produce a toxic sap which will cause your tulips to die. Thus, if you want them to bloom beautifully in your house, do not place any other flowers in the same vase.

How Long Do Tulips Take to Open?

how to make tulips open

There is no one answer to this question. Depending on how you try to make your tulips open, it might take just a few hours or even several days. With cut tulips from a bouquet, this might even take a week, so don’t worry if you follow our advice but initially see no change – your tulips might need a day or two to slowly start to open.

The Takeaway

Although it might take a few days, with our tips and tricks, you will quickly see your flowers bloom. How to get tulips to open more quickly? You need to maintain the heat – they do not like it either too hot or too cold – cut them at 45 degrees, change the water daily, avoid placing any fruits nearby and cut the leaves below the water line. With all of that done, you just need to wait – your tulips will open in no time!

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how long do tulips take to open