New Collection, Summer 2020 -

New Collection - Million Dollar Roses Box

Million Dollar Roses Box

We pride ourselves on offering more than just a gift, our unique boxes that delight everyone. Give such a gift to someone for any ocassion or special occasion - each of our roses is carefully refined by our experienced florists.

Our roses, suitable for all occasions, can really make the gift you give a special person unforgettable and bring a lot of joy.

A great Luxury Box of Roses is perfect as a birthday flower gift and all occasion.

If you have any specific ideas that we do not display in our assortment on the site, feel free to write to us. We are always happy to answer any questions or discuss your specific needs in more detail.

Rose is a symbol of love, affection, passion and desire. Rose is the most popular and beloved flower in the world and comes in many varieties and colours. It accompanies the most important events, many women cannot imagine an engagement without it, a gift from a loved one or an anniversary of the very first meeting, getting married and being together. Million dollar roses are luxury flowers that have been given an even more exquisite character. They can seduce you with their charm and amaze you with their elegant compositions. They are arranged in unusual bouquets and closed in stylish boxes. They are something special and draw attention for much longer than just the first few minutes when they have a chance to make a good first impression. These are millionaire roses, worth the emotion and joy of every woman.

Million dollar flowers in luxury arrangements

Can you imagine roses in black with the addition of luxury gold? Do you think rainbow roses do not exist? Would you like to give your loved one some really unusual flowers, such as silver or a spectacular two-colour combination of red and gold? Perfectly, we have something that will help you make your plan come true, surprise your other half and prove that the impossible doesn't exist. Choose a million-dollar rose, which we have treated in a special way. We make compositions by combining colours and giving them shades that you won't find in your natural environment. These are simply million-dollar flowers worth a special woman's happiness.