Peony flower meaning

Magnificent aroma, fragile petals, lush texture and overall beauty - because of these features, peonies are one of the most favoured blooms in the world. Customers often choose them for their floral arrangements on numerous occasions. But have you ever wondered about the meaning of peony and when it is most appropriate to include this bloom in a bouquet?

Peony flower meaning

Peony flower meaning - discover its significance

Peonies have been with us for centuries! These unique and delicate flowers first appeared in ancient China and then travelled through the world to appear in Europe in the 1800s. They have been used in medicine as pain relief, but nowadays, we incorporate them only in a decorative manner. They got their name from Greek Mythology, although there are a couple of stories regarding their origin. It’s worth noting that peony meaning usually is very positive and revolves around feelings of romance, prosperity, good luck and bashfulness. As you may know, peonies come in various colours - in the stores, you will find white, pink, red and even yellow versions, and each of them will have a special significance. It is worth remembering their meaning because different types of peonies will represent different feelings.

Meaning of peony flowers

White peony

Let’s start from the lightest shade and discover white peony meaning. This type of bloom symbolises feelings of bashfulness and remorse, which is why it’s often used in the floral arrangements that are given as an apology. A bouquet full of white peonies is a beautiful way of admitting wrongdoings and asking for forgiveness.

White peony meaning
Pink peony meaning

Pink peony

What about light pink peony? The meaning of this bloom ties closely to prosperity, luck and romance, which is why pink peonies are a popular choice for wedding bouquets. Often, we see them in arrangements for maids of honour, bridesmaids and even centrepieces at tables. It is worth mentioning that there are hot pink peonies as well, and they have a little bit different connotation. Their vibrant colour symbolises romance, passion, attraction and appreciation, making them the perfect choice for your other half. 

Red peony

As you may suspect, red peonies represent deep love and passion. They can be an excellent alternative for red roses for Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions when you want to show your feelings. But that's not all! Red peonies can also convey honour, respect, abundance and wealth. After all, for centuries, this flower was used by the Chinese royalty for a reason!

Red peony meaning
Yellow peony meaning

Yellow peony

Yellow versions of peonies are not as well known, but still, they can be a fantastic addition to your floral arrangement. What does yellow peony mean? They represent good fortune, new beginnings and fresh starts - for this reason, they are especially suitable as a housewarming gift or if you want to wish someone luck as they begin a new chapter of their lives. A dream job, school of the first choice, or move to a new city can be celebrated with a bouquet full of vibrant and joyful yellow peonies.

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