What Do Tulips Symbolise? Meaning of Colours

What do tulips in each colour symbolise? Red might mean love but also romance; pink might be deciphered as caring or good wishes; white has a plethora of meanings, from purity and innocence to forgiveness and respect; purple represents royalty but also rebirth; yellow means brightness, sunshine, and the start of spring. If you wish to learn more about tulip symbolism, why don’t you take a few minutes to read this post? We will explain everything here!

tulip symbolism

What Do Red Tulips Symbolise?

Red tulips are most often associated with love and passion, though it might surprise you that the list of their meanings is longer. Their symbolism might extend to:

  • love,
  • passion,
  • lust,
  • commitment,
  • confidence,
  • trust,
  • (spiritually) perfect love.

What occasion are they suitable for?

What Do White Tulips Symbolise?

White tulips are usually understood as representing purity, yet this is but the start of their symbolism. They might also be associated with:

  • remorse,
  • forgiveness,
  • holiness,
  • condolence,
  • sympathy,
  • devotion,
  • hope,
  • renewal.

What occasion are they suitable for?

  • Weddings,
  • religious milestones,
  • hospital visits,
  • funerals and memorials.

What Do Purple Tulips Symbolise?

what do white tulips symbolize

Being the colour associated mostly with royals, it is no surprise that the most common meaning of purple tulips is royalty. Yet again, it’s not the only symbolism that purple tulips may have, with other meanings including:

  • wisdom,
  • spirituality,
  • loyalty.

What occasion are they suitable for?

  • Appreciation and gratitude gifts,
  • elegant events,
  • funerals and memorials.

What Do Blue Tulips Symbolise?

Tranquillity and peace are the main symbolism behind the colour blue. Yet, what does this colour mean in tulips given to another person? It may symbolise:

  • trust,
  • loyalty,
  • calmness,
  • uniqueness,
  • individuality.

What occasion are they suitable for?

  • Get-well-soon,
  • gifts during a hard time to express support,
  • presents without an occasion.

What Do Yellow Tulips Symbolise?

what do blue tulips symbolize

Yellow tulips usually mean sunshine and the range of emotions that accompany it. This can be broken down into several different meanings, like:

  • happiness,
  • cheerfulness,
  • friendship,
  • new beginning,
  • hope.

What occasions are they suitable for?

  • Friendship celebrations,
  • birthdays,
  • presents without an occasion,
  • get-well-sons,
  • anniversaries and career celebrations.

What Do Pink Tulips Symbolise?

There is a lot of symbolism behind pink tulips as well, with their meaning understood in several different ways. They might be associated with:

  • joy,
  • good luck and fortune,
  • celebration,
  • care,
  • love,
  • affection.

What occasions are they suitable for?

  • Graduation,
  • career milestones,
  • early dates,
  • pregnancy or new-born celebration,
  • anniversaries.

How About a Bouquet of Tulips?

A tulip bouquet will be an excellent gift, no matter the occasion – you just need to choose the right colour! Since you now know the symbolism behind each type of tulip, this should be a piece of cake. No matter whether it’s a Valentine’s Day celebration or just a friendly gift, we’re sure you’ll make the right choice, and we’ll be there to cater to your needs and provide you with the most beautiful bouquet. The only question that remains is: which tulips do you choose?