What flower represents love?

Floral arrangements often are used to show love, whether it’s romantic, familial or platonic. But how to choose the blooms that will be an appropriate symbol for your message? Read on and discover which flower represents love the best and avoid any faux pas in the future.


This shouldn’t surprise anyone! Roses, especially red ones, are well known as the most romantic flowers and often are part of floral arrangements for dates, anniversaries, engagements and other occasions you celebrate with your other half. If you want to convey deep romance, choose a bride shade of red, but reach for burgundy blooms if the bouquet should represent a love that just begins to flourish.

Flower represents love roses
Flower represents love tulips


Other flowers meaning love are tulips. Generally, they represent perfect love, but their various colours can carry different meanings. If you want to show true love to the recipient, choose red blooms. Yellow tulips, on the other hand, are a sign of cheerfulness and happiness, so pick them whenever you want to present your loved one with a sign of contentment you experience by their side.


If you’re looking for love flowers that convey fascination and deep romantic feelings, reach for carnations. Dark shades of red represent love and affection, while lighter ones are often used to express admiration.

Flower represents love carnations


Friendship is a vital part of our lives, and often we come across occasions when we can celebrate it. But what flower represents love towards our friends? One of the best examples is violets. After all, they symbolise faithfulness, affection and intuition. 

Flower represents love sunflowers


Which other flower represents love for friends? Sunflower! This sunny and cheerful bloom is a symbol of loyalty, adoration, and longevity - all the things you can wish for a friendship. So, if you want to show some appreciation to your closest confidants, give them a bouquet filled with sunflowers.


Another flower that can become a part of a floral arrangement for your friend would be the alstroemeria, also known as Peruvian Lily. It represents loyalty, support, devotion and prosperity, which means it will be a perfect choice if you want to thank your friend for their continuous support through highs and lows.  

Flower represents love hydrangea


What flower represents love for family? One of the best examples is hydrangea, a bloom that depicts deep feelings for children, parents and spouses. It also is a symbol of togetherness and unity, which perfectly ties in with emotions we want to emphasise when thinking about our families.


Gardenias illustrate purity, hope and sweetness, which recalls children and family. They’re also seen as a sign of protection and enlightenment, and that makes them a great addition to a bouquet that symbolises good wishes and love towards members of your family. 

Flower represents love lilies


Lilies are closely associated with refinement, purity of heart and sweetness. All that makes them a perfect flower that represents the love, admiration and respect you have for your family members.